Monday, March 30, 2009

Jesus the Christ

Turns out it is REALLY good. I wish I knew a little more religious history. Maybe that will be an elective. Either should read it too.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gidget goes to work

Let me just say, I love the YMCA. I have found that it is the only place that I have been able to be happy keeping a job at. I try retail stores and consignment and all sorts of things but for some reason its the loving atmosphere of a community that keeps me grounded at a job. You see I know mostly everyone that works in the building. Especially within my program area. But I know that when I enter the building there will be smiling faces and when I get to my room there will be more smiling faces. For me, retail jobs are NOT rewarding. It is rare when someone comes up to you and says "thank you for the work that you do, I really appreciate it." However at the Y this happens often, parents are so greatful that we watch their kids. One time a mom told me God would bless me for what I was doing. The best part about working where I do is that I get to hold babies all day, blow bubbles, color, and chit chat with my coworkers. Anywho, I worked an 8 hour day today and let me just say that it was fun. Even though I had to be there by 8:15am and clean fake food, cars, and legos, it is still the best place to work at. Anywho, I think I will stay at the YMCA for as long as I can. Maybe forever?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gidget goes to the registry and the deep south

Kyle and I still need to go apartment shopping. I am becoming obsessed with gift registry. It is addictive, its like dream shopping. You can scan ANYTHING. Some of the stuff on our lists is a bit ridiculous because Kyle and I had thought of everything and then we decided to have fun. We registered for tomato seeds. We want to grow a tomato. We registered for gloves, not fun winter ones but cleaning the toilet ones.

On another note.....I met Kyle's sister's boyfriend, Brad. He is from the South. I have met people from the South before but none like him. He was telling n-word jokes and I was NOT laughing. It was shocking to hear that word used so casually. Scary really. That racial hatred still exists scares me, I mean I learned about it this past quarter but Seattle is pretty forward thinking so it wasn't super applicable. But his language was shocking.

Gross. I hate that kind of stuff.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Down with the Sickness

Being sick is gross. My little sister is sick right now. It is cute. She gets all cuddly and needy for me. Much better than the random phone conversations I have with her that end with, "I don't really feel like talking to you right now..." On a different note I have decided to do a tv/movie fast. So far so good. It was painful for awhile being trapped at home with a sick five year old but we did some puzzles and I read to her. I also went gift registry shopping with mi madre. Yakima Macys sucks. There was NOTHING there. We tried finding linens and placemats to go along with the plates. NOTHING! silly Yakima.