Monday, June 28, 2010


So today I was crossing the 520 bridge heading over to Bellevue, it's a floating bridge. That means that the bridge floats on water (not really sure how since its concrete...).

I remember when I first came to UW and had to ride the bus across the bridge to school everyday (I was living with my Grandma just like I am now). I would consciously sit on the side of the bus with my back to the water. Why?

Well Yakima (the town I grew up in) wasn't a big bus town and so I had very little experience on a bus. The main experience I received was when I saw the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Apparently this scarred me because my conscious decision to sit on the side with my back to the water was in case the bus blew up (because it failed to stay at 50 mph). If this happened, the force would send me into the water, rather than the traffic in the opposite lanes. I figured this gave me a better chance for survival. 

Well the bus never blew up. 

Yes, this does make me a little crazy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conversion Story

So someone led me to the blog and I have been addicted since. She is LDS, just had a baby, and stands up for her beliefs. Plus her writing is informative and beautiful.

Someone had written in her formspring that they wished there were more convert stories and after thinking about it I volunteered myself. I emailed Jenna (author of thatwife) and asked her if she wanted me to write something. She said yes and I went to work. The blog is about my conversion but largely focusing on lifestyle changes. If you want to read it, just go to :

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I love

1. the warmth of the sun and how it energizes your whole body
2. hearing a song on the radio that you want to listen to and can sing along to
3. summer afternoon bike rides
4. praying outloud
5. feeling instantly accepted into a group of girls
6. being so excited for the future
7. reading a book you don't want to put down
8. pink toenails
9. wearing flowy dresses in the summer
10. anything in gummy form (gummy worms, bears, vitamins)

Monday, June 21, 2010

a little spoiled...quite possibly yes.

Yesterday I freaked out.

I stormed out of our room, took a walk barefooted around the house which is a swampy marsh. Found a quiet spot in a secret room (not super secret, but a room no one ever goes in that has a chair) and read the scriptures. 

Came back to our room and freaked out again. Headed upstairs to blow of steam online.

Our room was a mess. My clothes were everywhere and Kyle asked me to pick them up, to find a place for them. The problem? There wasn't a place for them. The room we are staying in has a giant chest in the middle because the trim around the room still needs to go up and we cant fully move in quite yet. So I freak out because that is what I am really good at. I get all dramatic and make a big scene. Then go blow my steam somewhere else.

Well the second round Kyle comes upstairs and has this puppy look on his face. 
He says, "would you be mad if I did something bad?"
My mind goes "what the crap did he do?" Real life, "of course not"
You see my behavior was not justifiable and it was kinda rash and I could totally understand Kyle getting mad because I was mad. In my head it makes sense, Kyle isn't really like that.

"what did you do?"
"you'll just have to see."
He leads me downstairs to an immaculate room. He organized all my  clothes into piles that I would have done (tank tops, graphic/fancy shirts, plain shirts, sweaters, etc).

Dang. I am spoiled.

Gotta love a husband who understands my frustrations and does everything humanly possible to ease them. Oh I love him.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Story Time toddler story time. You should expect some crying, some screaming, some laughter, some running around. 

Isabella liked it the first time. Hated it every time after that. I keep trying to get her to like it. Nope not happening.

So yesterday we tried it again. We were doing good. Until the reader starting making the story slower. Seriously reader? Toddlers...Keep it exciting! Anyways, Isabella started crying. Then I could calm her down. Then she would cry again. After about 5 minutes of this, the teacher gave me this "you can leave now look" 


Excuse me?

We had reached music time and you want to know what the room was like?
Kids banging sticks together and shaking rattle eggs like crazy. I wasn't exactly interrupting anything. 

We left anyways. But the while leaving I thought...Really? What the heck?

She is a toddler? What do you expect? Roses all day long?

Whatevs. We will not be going back.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 Things I love

I have decided once I week I will make a list for ten things that I absolutely LOVE. It should remind me of the good things in life.
1. staring at the ocean
2. the pocket of warm air that your body makes under your blanket, like a personal low temp sauna
3. blueberries
4. fairweather camping
5. plain white tshirts (not the band, actual tshirts)
6. answered prayers
7. candlelit dinners
8. pink, yellow, and orange peonies
9. vegetable soups
10. husbands who can put up with your craziness and still love you after the fact :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rules of the Road

So since April I have been commuting over to West Seattle. It's not packed traffic (most of the time), but I have learned a few tricks to getting to my destination faster. This only applies for the freeway (I suppose you could attempt them on street roads but it would be pretty silly).
1. Pick a memorable car to beat. I find that if I choose the large plumbing truck or the green pimped out Cadillac it becomes not an ugly commute but a fun game. My mission: to pass memorable vehicle
2. There is such a thing as commuting karma. At first it was all about me, I would never let anyone in my lane. But usually if you let people in your lane, other cars notice your how nice you are and then when you need to get over I imagine them thinking "she let that one car in, I should let her in my lane"
3. The 5 second rule. If someone does not let you into their lane follow this rule. Turn on your blinker. Count to five and start moving over. They will HAVE to stop for you. 
4. There is no one good lane. Each day I would assess which was the fast lane and every day it changes. Because there isn't one. Yes an accident might change that fact, but normally it depends upon which grandma is in what lane and you can't really tell that until you pass her. 
5. Patience. Eventually your lane will probably pass the one you just got out of. But then it will pass you. So don't get to mad at the fact. Most of the time I found that endurance is the best policy.
Oh and the pile....

Monday, June 14, 2010


this blog needs a makeover.
currently i have about ZERO time to do anything.

Kyle and I moved in with the grandparents, after we lived with a family friend for about a week so that Kyle could finish teaching seminary in the morning. So this is what happens when you have to move out of a place, can't move into the other, and have to live at another.

MASS CHAOS. I now know where NOTHING is. HOORAY!

I have been going through the same 5 outfits for about 3 weeks now. It's pretty disgusting. I can't get to any of my clothes because of my husband. I love the man, but sometimes he doesn't quite think through his projects. As we were moving all of our boxes and such into my grandparents we were designated a space in their living room. Well Kyle decided to condense the space as much as possible. He just piled it higher and tighter until it was nice and compact. The problem.....

All of the important stuff is in the middle and the bottom. It is impossible to reach. I don't think either of us really has the heart to attempt and dismantle the pile. We will have to eventually. Maybe in a couple of months.....

So instead of attempting to tackle the pile like a good wife, I come home after a grueling day of playing at the beach with a 2 year-old and crash.

At work I have time (2 and 3 hour blocks) where I have nothing to do but read, text, sleep, and think while Isabella sleeps. This is when I think about the pile. I am sure it gets bigger in my mind each time. I will post a picture as soon as possible.

Thinking time also led me to ponder about my blog. Why it exists. What do I want out of it? I texted my friend Kristin telling her I wanted a new blog. A new me. With lots of comments. HA!

Kind of ridiculous. Who wants to hear the rants of a 21 year old nanny? I wouldn't. In the meanwhile I will continue to deliberate on what my new blog could look like. How I would inspire people. How everyone would send me lovely comments. Sigh.....

Maybe in a week?