Friday, June 18, 2010

Story Time toddler story time. You should expect some crying, some screaming, some laughter, some running around. 

Isabella liked it the first time. Hated it every time after that. I keep trying to get her to like it. Nope not happening.

So yesterday we tried it again. We were doing good. Until the reader starting making the story slower. Seriously reader? Toddlers...Keep it exciting! Anyways, Isabella started crying. Then I could calm her down. Then she would cry again. After about 5 minutes of this, the teacher gave me this "you can leave now look" 


Excuse me?

We had reached music time and you want to know what the room was like?
Kids banging sticks together and shaking rattle eggs like crazy. I wasn't exactly interrupting anything. 

We left anyways. But the while leaving I thought...Really? What the heck?

She is a toddler? What do you expect? Roses all day long?

Whatevs. We will not be going back.

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