Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Story Part 6

Even though I had tried to convince myself that I was over my crush, the reality was that I was sixteen and a sixteen year-old girl has very little grasp over her emotions. So my drive up to camp Sunday morning was filled with thoughts of the night before and questions about what this next week would be like. It was the first week of camp and I had been paired with Flip Flop. I was so excited to work with her and knew that we would have a lot of fun together.

The way camp was set up was a little different from the years before so everyone was trying to get a grasp on how to do things. This year the boy and girl cabins within the same age range were gathered for daily activities as a village. So instead of our little girls hanging out with just each other and going boating and doing arts and crafts, we were combined with a bunch of little boys and their male counselors to play with.

Things with Mongoose were a little tense at first. I remember first seeing him after all had taken place and he still wore that smile and walked around like nothing was out of the ordinary. It irked me a bit. I felt so wronged and decided that I would do my best to be civil but I certainly did not need to be nice.

That was easier said than done. I tried my best but within a day he had weaseled his way back into my heart. Did I forget about Carissa? Slightly. The way camp feels is that you are so separated from the world that it disappears. All that matters is what is there. So I was there and Mongoose was there and Carissa was….well she wasn’t there. I think a part of me thought about her from time to time when Mongoose would wink or flirt.

Maybe he had broken up with her? Surely he wouldn’t still flirt with me if he was still with her. Right?

He made me feel special. Like I was the only girl he saw. He smiled all the time but there was this smile that was solely mine. It was brighter and filled my heart. He found little ways that week to single me out and make me feel special. He would always coordinate our breaks to be at the same time. So we would watch a movie or go swimming or for a walk. Mostly this was with other counselors but he always sat by me and made my heart beat a thousand times a minute. Soon he had my watch back and I was wearing his. I think it must have been some sort claim to each other.

All week he would glance at me across the dining hall and I couldn’t help but be happy that he searched my face out in a crowd. As the middle sibling in a family of six children I grew up with severe middle child syndrome. I craved attention and Mongoose gave it in the best way. It wasn’t just that he looked for me in the room or found ways to talk to me, he really saw me. He liked my crazy antics but also just liked normal demeanor as well. He looked into my eyes when we talked which was so refreshing since the majority of high school boys did not look at eyes when they talked to a girl if you know what I mean...

That was the other thing about him, besides the previous weekend where I felt a bit “played,” he was so unlike any other high school boy I had ever met. You know how high school boys feel the need to be so dominant and masculine, they act a certain way and walk a certain walk. Mongoose was so self-assured. He didn’t need any manly rules to tell him how to act. If he wanted to bleach his hair blonde and wear yellow board shorts with wrestling shoes he would. He treated all of the girls at camp with respect too. He was sincerely kind and friendly and was just overall so happy.

All of this combined into me forgetting about his past indiscretion and giving him another chance. The reality of it all was that I was head over heels and your mind doesn’t really work with logic when something stronger controls your heart.
The week with my cabin went well. We only had four girls but they were a blast. We performed a lip sync to Spice Girls and danced in our cabin to our hearts content. I loved worked up at camp with them and the week finished perfectly with our cabin winning the all-camp activity. That night after all the kids had been picked up and camp was cleaned up, we all had to decide what the weekend plans would be. Monday was the fourth of July so we had a long weekend. It was 10pm though, and most of us did not want to make the trek late at night back into town. Our boss let us stay up at camp during the weekend and so a large group of us decided to have a slumber party in the staff room.

Of course Mongoose and I happened to find our sleeping bags strategically placed next to each other and we all fell asleep watching some movie. Then someone who was still awake put in another movie. Then it was 5am and I woke up and there was no movie on. I was lying on my side with my back to Mongoose and he had placed one arm around my waist. It was so comfortable being in his arms and my heart started beating as I realized that he was awake. I could feel his heart and feel his gentle urges to turn me around. He wanted to kiss me.

I debated internally for what seemed like an hour. Do I roll over? What will happen? Will he kiss me? What about Carissa? But he has been so great all week. I really want to kiss him. Should I roll over?

Well you can bet that eventually his persistent tugs at my sleeping bag resulted in what felt like a brash decision to roll over.

As soon as I was on my other side I felt the warmth of his breath and the nudge of his nose. I succumbed to all the sense in my head that told me to resist and I let go. I let go of the whole world around me as he gently kissed me. My body seemed to buzz with the energy of young love and I was so supremely happy to be kissing him. He was a good kisser. I imagine if I was standing I would have gone weak in the knees, but I was lying down and as our first kiss went on I felt the energy of the week take its toll. I was tired, really tired. Plus, all that pent up emotion was finally released and I was exhausted.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Love Story Part 5

So Kyle is actually writing this story from his point of view. Let me know if you want me to post it. It's pretty entertaining getting both sides of the stories and makes him seem like less of a player.

The sun seemed to shine right into my eyes. I shaded them to make certain I was seeing things correctly.

Yep. That was his hand in hers. Hers in his. She gave me a friendly smile and I was instantly annoyed. What in the world is going on? Who is this girl? Has he been dating her this whole time? Did I imagine that he held my hand last night?

We walked inside the stadium and found a couple of rows of loud metal bleechers. I continued to glance in their direction hoping that the hand holding would cease. But now it was worse. Now they were sitting cuddled up, side by side in the late June sun. She would even occasionally rest her head on his shoulder, it made me want to punch her.

I made a point to sit in front of them slightly so that I didn't have to have the awful visual burned into my mind any more than it was. Twilight was sitting next to me and had given me concerned looks throughout this event. It was pretty much known at camp that Mongoose and I were becoming a "thing." Basically we flirted so much and so openly that everyone assumed we would eventually become an item. Well, now it didn't seem like that would happen.

"Hey, why don't we go get a snack!" Twilight asked.
I was glad for an escape to talk. As soon as we were out of hearing distance she started to spill what she had been told by Potato, who also happened to be a best friend to this girl Carissa.
"Ok. Wow, I can't believe this, " she started, " but turns out that he has sorta been dating her this whole time. Potato told me that they just started dating right before school got out and then he left for camp, but I can't believe that he brought her here, especially knowing you would be here."

"Ugghhhhh," I moaned,"I hate this kind of stuff. Who the heck does he think I am? Some girl he can woo and then blow off the next day? No way. I have no idea what he was thinking this week but I am out. I cannot stand guys like that." I finished my resolution by deciding that he would no longer fool this girl. Conversation with him would be at a minimum. Curt nods and quick remarks. I was pro at being mad and letting people feel the guilt of their actions. He was really going to get it.

We got some candy and headed back up to the group. Getting closer I could see that Mongoose was looking at me and trying to flash me that smile. This time it only fueled the fire of bitterness. Who did he think he was trying to worm his way out of this? Hold my hand one night and another girls the next. I don't think so pal.

"Mongoose, I need my watch back." I assertively stated. I was all business.
"What? I love this yellow watch, come on now...you don't really mean that." He tried to play off the fact that I was clearly upset with him. There was no way I was budging. If he was going to hold hands with this girl, it wasn't going to be with my watch.
"I need it back please."
"Uh..." he fumbled for what to do, "I guess it's yours so..." He took of the watch and I gave his periwinkle one back, making sure to make one more jab of my dagger,

"I guess you will just have to deal with your girl watch."

"Ouch," our group of friends noted. They knew exactly what was going on and it seemed like I had the majority on my side. Carissa, the innocent bystander looked a little confused but was still smiling happily. I would be smiling happily too if I was holding his hand... Ugh. I hate him, remember.

The rest of the night I decided to return to my initial focus crush, Smalls. He was still cute, and served as a nice jealousy making toy. My initial flirtation device,

"Hey Smalls, let's trade watches." I tried to convince him that he wanted my yellow watch and his black and silver one would be a better fit for me. We even tried them on, but it just didn't seem right and he probably knew what I was trying to do. We ended up keeping our own watches. But I still stole his hat and decided to just have fun with the girls.

After the baseball game we decided to go bowling. My mission for the rest of the night was to make Mongoose miserable with what he was missing. I flirted with all the guys and acted as crazy and goofy as humanly possible. At one point I got a strike and because my crazy level was already pretty high I reacted like a complete lunatic. I jumped and kicked and screamed and high-fived everyone around me. Everyone thought it was pretty funny and I loved feeling that rush of energy that craziness can bring.

Carissa was sitting on Mongoose's lap and it was obvious that he was not giving her up. So I finished my antics of attempting to make him sorry, or jealous, or whatever I was trying to do. I decided that a guy like that wasn't worth my time anyway. I went home that night content with what had taken place. I didn't wish he was mine anymore because I didn't want a guy who didn't even know what he wanted.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My daily life is increasingly more uncomfortable but I am treasuring these moments because I. am all about the "pain before joy" philosophy. It has proven tried and true over and over again. So with each uncomfortable night of sleep, when I wake up to a sore ear because sleeping on one specific side is the only way I can sleep at all I silently moan and then feel the baby kick and I forget all about it.

It is rather strange to feel a baby move inside you. It's uncontrollable and spastic and you kinda feel like an alien invaded you. Nope, it's just your baby. It's pretty reassuring for a paranoid person like me.

So here is the closest to a belly pic that I can muster lately. I try, but I can't seem to get the model pose right yet....

Photobucket I had to take the glucose test this past week. I was all gung-ho at first even though a lady in the waiting room said, "I hated that test. It was awful. Blah, blah blah...." Why do people do that? Oh hi? I want to fill your head with horrible ideas... It's ok though. Because even though it stopped tasting like melted orange otter pops after the first minute I still finished it in under four minutes. I was very glad I had eaten something salty right before though... Photobucket

If you are from Yakima, you know Rons. Rons has the best soft serve ice cream. I don't know if it's actually the best but they stack those cones high and you can get strawberry! WITH SPRINKLES! So I might have gone there twice in the past week but soft serve just seems so right when you start developing the waddle. Photobucket

I did manage to fit in some exercise via swing dancing this weekend. This is what makes me love Yakima. A local high school jazz band has a swing dancing fundraiser! It was great! Kyle was shocked that I lasted as long as I did, but there is something about swing that gets you up off your feet and bouncing around. I did get a few stares from some grandmas. They were friendly though, I think they just thought it was funny that a pregnant lady was bouncing around. I'm pretty sure baby was confused though....


All in all, the "pain" part is pretty easy right now. It helps when the sun is shining and I can wear flip flops .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love Story Part 4

I was all sorts of nervous around Mongoose now. He would flash a smile and I swear my knees would buckle and I would be flat on my face. I would act even more strange than usual which most people assumed was just my personality: Gidget, the strange.

One afternoon a group of counselors had congregated near Arts and Crafts chatting and waiting for our next assignment which probably entailed boating. Suddenly I smelt the most unique smell. I started sniffing the air, it was tropical but strangely so. It seemed extremely unnatural for the dirt, pine tree, lake environment we were inhabiting.

"What in the world is that smell?" I finally questioned outloud.
"It's my chapstick," Mongoose quickly quipped back.

My strange behavior took hold and I rushed up to smell his lips to confirm if it was indeed his chapstick as he claimed. Why did I feel this was necessary? I have no idea. But my nose was millimeters away from his lips and I remember seeing the shock and astonishment on all the faces around me.

I turned beet red and rushed away. Everyone laughed about how forward I was and how I should have just kissed him if I wanted to. I couldn't believe that I had done that but Mongoose took it in stride and seemed to enjoy the moment. I couldn't get over how silly I had been but everyone seemed to forget my strange behavior of the day.

Later we would get assignments for the staff campout. There would be three separate groups going to three separate places. My heart started pounding. What if I wasn't in Mongoose's group? I instantly decided that the campout would be horrible if that was the case and I prayed that some miracle would occur. Well apparently our flirtations were obvious to everyone including our boss and so of course I was not placed in Mongoose's group. I was sad and bitter and thought about him the entire time. What was doing? What cheesy joke was he telling? I wished I could be around that smile, underneath the moon, with the glow of a fire... I had it bad.
Thankfully the campout was only one night away from him and then I would get to see him again.

It was Friday which was our last day of staff training and Potato finally arrived. Potato had worked the summer before and is probably the most well-liked person I have ever met. She is spontaneous, a little flighty, but extremely enjoyable to be around. Everyone was excited when she showed up after finishing cheer camp. She was nothing but fun. She was also the reason Mongoose was at camp. They went to high school together and I learned that they had also dated for approximately a week, but they were friends.

We all decided to have a slumber party for our last night and Potato and Mongoose explained how he had wound up at camp.
"Man, that manager was crazy," Mongoose explained how he had lifeguarded the two previous summers and could no longer stand who was in charge.
"So I overheard him in the lunch line talking about how he hadn't found a job for the summer yet and I knew he would have fun at camp!" Potato explained.
"I figured I didn't really have any other options and when Tejas decided to apply as well I knew it would be a fun summer." He continued to tell me about how he and Potato dated and how awkward it had been.

Potato kept smiling at me knowingly during this discussion and I knew that she knew. Was it that bad? Was my crush completely obvious. Either way she seemed to encourage the match and helped make it possible that I slumbered right next to Mongoose. We set up our sleeping bags and Mongoose teasingly stole mine. So I stole his. Then he decided that he liked my yellow watch better than his periwinkle one so we switched. Then we went to sleep.

Well more like I lay in my sleeping bag with my heart pounding. I was on my side with my hand extended out in front of me a little. It was dark, and quiet and suddenly his hand was in mine. I couldn't think. His deliberate physical touch was too much for my body to handle. So I lay awake as he silently stroked my hand, interwove our fingers, and played with my heart. It slowly lulled to stop and his hand was in my clammy one. Should I move? Do I stay like this? I didn't know the rules. Suddenly his body convulsed and I had a heart attack. Did he have seizures in his sleep? Is he okay? Nope, just twitches. Either way I was on edge and it took a long time that night to fall asleep.


The morning seemed to reflect my attitude. It was bright and crisp and I felt full of energy. I remember being so excited about what was ahead. This boy held all sorts of possibilities and I could physically feel that I was on the verge of pure and utter happiness. We all finished getting ready in the morning and carpooled back to civilization. The sun rose in the sky as did the temperature, but we were young and full of life and we blasted Fall Out Boy singing at the top of our lungs as we coasted down to the valley. We all got dropped off at our respective locations and promised to call each other later that day.

We had tickets to the local baseball game and decided it would be great if the entire staff went together. At home I washed laundry and prepped for meeting up at the stadium. I was giddy as I tried on the perfect outfit. It was still too cold for shorts at night, so I opted for my favorite pair of Lucky jeans a tank top and a light zip-up sweatshirt. Cute and casual. I was never much of a primper so I kept my hair curly and applied my obligatory coat of mascara and some blush. I was still wearing his watch. I had teased him about it extensively because he claimed it was blue and it was clearly periwinkle. Not that guys notice shades of color, but it wasn't the manliest watch. I was glad he had my yellow watch that I had just bought a week earlier for camp. It was like we had a little piece of each other.

I drove to the baseball game and was early. Of course. I had this thing about being on time. I like being early. In a family with six children my parents were constantly late to every activity and function imaginable. I always hated coming after the party had started. I liked to prepare and observe and plan. I hated being off guard. So I called Potato to get her whereabouts. She told me that a couple of her friends were also coming to the game. Great. I had no problem with other people. They were close so I waited in my car for everyone else to show up. Potato parked beside me and I hopped out of the car.

The sun was making that warm fuzzy glow right before it starts to set, when everything around you turns to gold and you start to feel the slightest chill if there is a breeze. I asked where everyone else was. Just then Mongoose pulled up in his zippy red Kia. My heart started to patter. I smiled at him as he got out of the car. There was a girl in the passenger seat but I didn't take any notice of her until I realized that once she got out of the car, she was holding his hand.

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