Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today Kyle and I were walking to dinner on Bothell Way and we saw a plastic bag with a dead cat in it. There was no blood or smashed head. In fact the cat was in full form.

Hypthesis: Someone suffocated a cat and then threw them out of the window of their car.

Opinion: there are some disgusting people in this world


Kyle is making me purge my wardrobe. I hate doing this. I have to do it about twice a year in order to remain decluttered. Often I have to let go to less inspired fashion moments. There was a pair of pants that I found at Value Village that I thought looked cute on me. NOPE. I put them on again and they were much less flattering around the hip area..... What is funny is that Kyle wanted me to keep them. For once, I was arguing to get rid of something. I think he wanted to keep them because we just got them and they were like 14 dollars or something.....but I can just sell them at Buffalo exchange and get most of that back.

Thats the good thing about buying nice clothes, you can always resell them. I like doing that. Most of the time I'm thinking "why in the world would anyone want this" but second hand stores seem to think so. I will trust their judgement and willingness to give me money : )

So I am supposed to apply for graduate school pretty soon.... I feel like I am done with school. I want to be a teacher but I really hate applying for stuff. I wish things were just offered to me....
Plus all the money that graduate schools take and the fact that teachers cant get jobs currently because all of a sudden EVERYONE wants to be a teacher even though they hate kids. It's lovely really. NOT.

Also, I would like everyone to know that it is unacceptable to tell me that your child is an annoying brat. I don't care how bad a child's behavior is, a child itself it not bad. It just makes bad choices. Sometimes working at the YMCA can be really sad when parents treat children so cruelly. Makes me want to punch something.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Y Camp to YW Camp

My experience with camp has been amazing. Growing up, I attended a YMCA Camp that I continued to go to every summer until this summer. I have been a camper, a CIT (counselor in training), and AC (assistant counselor), head counselor, office manager, and program director. Most people who know me know that I love Camp Dudley. I talk about it every chance that I get. It means a lot to me, I learned a lot there and most of my cherished learning experiences happened there. Plus it is where I met the love of my life so its pretty special in that way too.

Kyle and I had a second reception up at camp for most of our Yakima friends. Prior to the reception, I decided that I wanted to go up to camp two days early just to have a little bit of it in my summer. This was both a good and bad thing. It was good because it really made me realize where I need to be right now, and that is with my husband in Seattle. It was REALLY hard because it was an official close to a MAJOR chapter in my life. As the final BBQ ended, I couldn't help but cry, I wasn't apart of the amazing experiences that happen there anymore. It was a sad thought. I was happy to leave that weekend because being there took an emotional toll out on me.

Fast forward to today, literally.

I just returned from Ensign Ranch which is a piece of land owned by our church in Cle Elum, Washington (about halfway between Seattle and Yakima). Our church provides a camp experience for all the Young Women (girls 12-17). They get to go up and be in the wood and have fun, but not only that, there is a focus on being spiritual. In my new ward, I was called as a mia maid advisor (I help the 14-15 year old girls) and in being this, I got to drive up to this camp and teach an hour long lesson about "the paths of virtue," eat some dinner, and then go home. Being there triggered something within me. It felt like YMCA camp, but it clearly wasn't. The set up was much different and I was talking about the gospel and spiritual things. But it felt so amazing.

Driving home I had an hour and a half to reflect on my feelings. First I thought about my lesson and hoped that the girls got something out of it. Second, I started getting nostalgic for YMCA camp, and then something dawned on me. YMCA was a huge part of my life and taught me so much but I felt that I needed to move on to something bigger. I feel like Young Women Camp is something that I need to be a part of next year. More so than this year, next year I want to be there the whole week with my girls.

Needless to say, I am excited about my life. I feel like I really have purpose and direction in my new calling. I love the Young Women in my ward. They have so much to offer and give to this world, I just hope they can see that and find worth in themselves.