Saturday, August 15, 2009


Kyle is making me purge my wardrobe. I hate doing this. I have to do it about twice a year in order to remain decluttered. Often I have to let go to less inspired fashion moments. There was a pair of pants that I found at Value Village that I thought looked cute on me. NOPE. I put them on again and they were much less flattering around the hip area..... What is funny is that Kyle wanted me to keep them. For once, I was arguing to get rid of something. I think he wanted to keep them because we just got them and they were like 14 dollars or something.....but I can just sell them at Buffalo exchange and get most of that back.

Thats the good thing about buying nice clothes, you can always resell them. I like doing that. Most of the time I'm thinking "why in the world would anyone want this" but second hand stores seem to think so. I will trust their judgement and willingness to give me money : )

So I am supposed to apply for graduate school pretty soon.... I feel like I am done with school. I want to be a teacher but I really hate applying for stuff. I wish things were just offered to me....
Plus all the money that graduate schools take and the fact that teachers cant get jobs currently because all of a sudden EVERYONE wants to be a teacher even though they hate kids. It's lovely really. NOT.

Also, I would like everyone to know that it is unacceptable to tell me that your child is an annoying brat. I don't care how bad a child's behavior is, a child itself it not bad. It just makes bad choices. Sometimes working at the YMCA can be really sad when parents treat children so cruelly. Makes me want to punch something.

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  1. I agree! There are some neighbors that constantly yell at their kids for things like going too close to a tree, while they are screaming obscenities and acting like six-year olds themselves.

    Alternative hypothesis for the dead cat story: The cat was really old and about to die, and someone had a bag full of catnip which they emptied but the lovely scent lingered, so the old cat crawled into the bag and died happy.