Friday, April 22, 2011

Love Story Part 5

So Kyle is actually writing this story from his point of view. Let me know if you want me to post it. It's pretty entertaining getting both sides of the stories and makes him seem like less of a player.

The sun seemed to shine right into my eyes. I shaded them to make certain I was seeing things correctly.

Yep. That was his hand in hers. Hers in his. She gave me a friendly smile and I was instantly annoyed. What in the world is going on? Who is this girl? Has he been dating her this whole time? Did I imagine that he held my hand last night?

We walked inside the stadium and found a couple of rows of loud metal bleechers. I continued to glance in their direction hoping that the hand holding would cease. But now it was worse. Now they were sitting cuddled up, side by side in the late June sun. She would even occasionally rest her head on his shoulder, it made me want to punch her.

I made a point to sit in front of them slightly so that I didn't have to have the awful visual burned into my mind any more than it was. Twilight was sitting next to me and had given me concerned looks throughout this event. It was pretty much known at camp that Mongoose and I were becoming a "thing." Basically we flirted so much and so openly that everyone assumed we would eventually become an item. Well, now it didn't seem like that would happen.

"Hey, why don't we go get a snack!" Twilight asked.
I was glad for an escape to talk. As soon as we were out of hearing distance she started to spill what she had been told by Potato, who also happened to be a best friend to this girl Carissa.
"Ok. Wow, I can't believe this, " she started, " but turns out that he has sorta been dating her this whole time. Potato told me that they just started dating right before school got out and then he left for camp, but I can't believe that he brought her here, especially knowing you would be here."

"Ugghhhhh," I moaned,"I hate this kind of stuff. Who the heck does he think I am? Some girl he can woo and then blow off the next day? No way. I have no idea what he was thinking this week but I am out. I cannot stand guys like that." I finished my resolution by deciding that he would no longer fool this girl. Conversation with him would be at a minimum. Curt nods and quick remarks. I was pro at being mad and letting people feel the guilt of their actions. He was really going to get it.

We got some candy and headed back up to the group. Getting closer I could see that Mongoose was looking at me and trying to flash me that smile. This time it only fueled the fire of bitterness. Who did he think he was trying to worm his way out of this? Hold my hand one night and another girls the next. I don't think so pal.

"Mongoose, I need my watch back." I assertively stated. I was all business.
"What? I love this yellow watch, come on don't really mean that." He tried to play off the fact that I was clearly upset with him. There was no way I was budging. If he was going to hold hands with this girl, it wasn't going to be with my watch.
"I need it back please."
"Uh..." he fumbled for what to do, "I guess it's yours so..." He took of the watch and I gave his periwinkle one back, making sure to make one more jab of my dagger,

"I guess you will just have to deal with your girl watch."

"Ouch," our group of friends noted. They knew exactly what was going on and it seemed like I had the majority on my side. Carissa, the innocent bystander looked a little confused but was still smiling happily. I would be smiling happily too if I was holding his hand... Ugh. I hate him, remember.

The rest of the night I decided to return to my initial focus crush, Smalls. He was still cute, and served as a nice jealousy making toy. My initial flirtation device,

"Hey Smalls, let's trade watches." I tried to convince him that he wanted my yellow watch and his black and silver one would be a better fit for me. We even tried them on, but it just didn't seem right and he probably knew what I was trying to do. We ended up keeping our own watches. But I still stole his hat and decided to just have fun with the girls.

After the baseball game we decided to go bowling. My mission for the rest of the night was to make Mongoose miserable with what he was missing. I flirted with all the guys and acted as crazy and goofy as humanly possible. At one point I got a strike and because my crazy level was already pretty high I reacted like a complete lunatic. I jumped and kicked and screamed and high-fived everyone around me. Everyone thought it was pretty funny and I loved feeling that rush of energy that craziness can bring.

Carissa was sitting on Mongoose's lap and it was obvious that he was not giving her up. So I finished my antics of attempting to make him sorry, or jealous, or whatever I was trying to do. I decided that a guy like that wasn't worth my time anyway. I went home that night content with what had taken place. I didn't wish he was mine anymore because I didn't want a guy who didn't even know what he wanted.

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