Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conversion Story

So someone led me to the blog and I have been addicted since. She is LDS, just had a baby, and stands up for her beliefs. Plus her writing is informative and beautiful.

Someone had written in her formspring that they wished there were more convert stories and after thinking about it I volunteered myself. I emailed Jenna (author of thatwife) and asked her if she wanted me to write something. She said yes and I went to work. The blog is about my conversion but largely focusing on lifestyle changes. If you want to read it, just go to :


  1. I came to your blog via That Wife. I love your conversion story!

    So umm, we both live in the same city, both are LDS, and I am pretty sure that I have meet you before...but not sure where? Have you and your husband been to the Married Institute Dinner Lecture thing that they have once a month? That could be where I've seen you before.

    Love your blog!

  2. Yep! My husband and I both go to the Married Student Dinners. We are at the institute a lot actually.

  3. Your conversion story never gets old. Next time feel free to expound on how great the missionary lessons were! ha ha! Hope everything is going well in your second year of marriage. We just celebrated our 1st anniversary!

  4. I came to your blog via That Wife as well. Your story was really sweet, thank you for sharing!


  5. I'm about to read it. I like the few posts of yours that I have read so far. :)