Monday, June 28, 2010


So today I was crossing the 520 bridge heading over to Bellevue, it's a floating bridge. That means that the bridge floats on water (not really sure how since its concrete...).

I remember when I first came to UW and had to ride the bus across the bridge to school everyday (I was living with my Grandma just like I am now). I would consciously sit on the side of the bus with my back to the water. Why?

Well Yakima (the town I grew up in) wasn't a big bus town and so I had very little experience on a bus. The main experience I received was when I saw the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Apparently this scarred me because my conscious decision to sit on the side with my back to the water was in case the bus blew up (because it failed to stay at 50 mph). If this happened, the force would send me into the water, rather than the traffic in the opposite lanes. I figured this gave me a better chance for survival. 

Well the bus never blew up. 

Yes, this does make me a little crazy.

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