Monday, June 14, 2010


this blog needs a makeover.
currently i have about ZERO time to do anything.

Kyle and I moved in with the grandparents, after we lived with a family friend for about a week so that Kyle could finish teaching seminary in the morning. So this is what happens when you have to move out of a place, can't move into the other, and have to live at another.

MASS CHAOS. I now know where NOTHING is. HOORAY!

I have been going through the same 5 outfits for about 3 weeks now. It's pretty disgusting. I can't get to any of my clothes because of my husband. I love the man, but sometimes he doesn't quite think through his projects. As we were moving all of our boxes and such into my grandparents we were designated a space in their living room. Well Kyle decided to condense the space as much as possible. He just piled it higher and tighter until it was nice and compact. The problem.....

All of the important stuff is in the middle and the bottom. It is impossible to reach. I don't think either of us really has the heart to attempt and dismantle the pile. We will have to eventually. Maybe in a couple of months.....

So instead of attempting to tackle the pile like a good wife, I come home after a grueling day of playing at the beach with a 2 year-old and crash.

At work I have time (2 and 3 hour blocks) where I have nothing to do but read, text, sleep, and think while Isabella sleeps. This is when I think about the pile. I am sure it gets bigger in my mind each time. I will post a picture as soon as possible.

Thinking time also led me to ponder about my blog. Why it exists. What do I want out of it? I texted my friend Kristin telling her I wanted a new blog. A new me. With lots of comments. HA!

Kind of ridiculous. Who wants to hear the rants of a 21 year old nanny? I wouldn't. In the meanwhile I will continue to deliberate on what my new blog could look like. How I would inspire people. How everyone would send me lovely comments. Sigh.....

Maybe in a week?

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  1. I'll leave you lovely comments!!! I miss you guys! I hope I get to see you at Morgan and Jenny's wedding!