Monday, May 24, 2010

A million little things

I don't really know what to write about. Hence the absence of posts lately.

I had a pretty rough week. Who knew that life could get harder after school?

Saturday was one of the most intense days of my life. I needed it. I needed to be reminded of all my weaknesses and all I have been blessed with.

I made the stupid mistake of going to a party Friday night when I had to be up at 3:50am to be ready and at the temple at 5am. I love working at the temple. It is one of the greatest highlights of each week.

The temple is amazing. Serving in the temple makes everything better. You see the Lord's work progressing powerfully forward. The dedication of so many saints and their spirits brightens my day.

Well I also told my employer that I would work on Saturday to make up for this coming Friday that they will be gone. BAD IDEA.

I was so tired. Had so little patience. I did not want to be there. I wanted to be spending time with my hubby or sleeping. Sleeping was the more realistic outcome.

After 6 hours of watching a cranky 21 month old. I had worked 11 hours straight. She did take a 2 hour nap where I might have dozed off a few times. But her nap isn't always a real break. Why? Because her dad is still at home and is always walking around and I feel like I should be doing something productive, at least reading, and so I had to remain slightly conscious. It only made me more cranky.

Well immediately after nannying I headed over to my good friend Kristin Avery's to get ready for her hors d'eouver party. I had decided I would make spring rolls. I bought raw shrimp thinking it was cooked. I decided to make the shrimp rolls before the veggie rolls and contaminated everything. Kyle discovered the contamination because he is taking a microbiology seminar on bacterias and he knows ALL about contamination and e coli and all that jazz.

I was so embarrassed which turned into humiliation which turned me into a recluse. I was tired and cranky. I felt stupid and silly. Eventually I made my way back to feeling normal. I came out of my shell and ate the other uncontaminated delicious food.

I eventually fell into hysterical laughter and then crashed on the floor. When Kyle finally got me to get up....I looked like a mess.

I fell asleep instantly when we got home.

Sunday brought the recollection of how I acted and how ungrateful I had been throughout the day. I am greatful for a knowledge of the plan of salvation, for the doctrine of salvation, for a belief of Christ's words that he can make my weaknesses into strengths and that ultimately if I strive to do my best, repenting along the way when I don't, and gradually grow. I will gain eternal life.

What a sweet blessing. Am I right or what?

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