Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gidget goes to the registry and the deep south

Kyle and I still need to go apartment shopping. I am becoming obsessed with gift registry. It is addictive, its like dream shopping. You can scan ANYTHING. Some of the stuff on our lists is a bit ridiculous because Kyle and I had thought of everything and then we decided to have fun. We registered for tomato seeds. We want to grow a tomato. We registered for gloves, not fun winter ones but cleaning the toilet ones.

On another note.....I met Kyle's sister's boyfriend, Brad. He is from the South. I have met people from the South before but none like him. He was telling n-word jokes and I was NOT laughing. It was shocking to hear that word used so casually. Scary really. That racial hatred still exists scares me, I mean I learned about it this past quarter but Seattle is pretty forward thinking so it wasn't super applicable. But his language was shocking.

Gross. I hate that kind of stuff.

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