Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the beginning of fall...

I love fall. I really really love it. I walked to school as a kid and I think that's where my love for fall grew. I loved school so the dropping summer temps and the crispness of the air coincided with my early morning walks where I would wear my fashionable jean hat with a bright fuschia flower. Oh the nineties were cruel to us.

We live by an awesome park here in Spokane and on Monday we took a little family walk to enjoy the scenery.

This is my favorite street in Spokane. If we end up living here for life I told Kyle that I MUST live on this street.

It's the tree-lined American dream.

I broke out my moccasins for the walk. I got these a couple of years ago and apparently these shoes are very "in" currently. Works for me.

Max is doing wonderfully. He is sleeping and eating well. Every morning I feed him in bed and then we snuggle. I love how the morning light comes in our room and wakes me up naturally. It makes for great natural lighting too.

I call him Bubba.

This is Max's bouncer which we have recently named "toilet." You see I have already potty trained my baby. This is the only place that he will poop. Sure every now and then he poops outside of this bouncer but recently this is it. It makes me laugh but he loves this bouncer. Thanks Ducky for buying it for us!

Ignore the stack of unhung frames behind him.

Spokane is treating us wonderfully. We live within walking distance to two grocery stores, a major park, a track for me to run on, and so much more. Unfortunately Target is forever away....maybe I should rewrite that as fortunately.

Did you hear about the Missoni craziness at Target? Apparently people were buying like $5000 dollars worth of all the shoes and blankets and are now selling them on Ebay. Seriously? I don't even like it. Maybe some of the homeware would work but seriously a Missoni capelet? Ew.


  1. love that the bouncer i got helps max go #2 :)

  2. GINA!!! I'm so excited that you live in Spokane now!!! Do you guys live by Manito?? I'm guessing that's the awesome park you were talking about!!

  3. Awe, looks like you guys are getting settled in. And Max is such a sweetie! Thanks for sharing!