Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentines

The other afternoon Max woke early from a nap. I lifted him up, already feeling the strain pregnancy can take on my body and carried him into our bedroom where I had been trying to rest myself. He quickly lay his head down upon my chest and I realized he still wanted more sleep. These moments are few and far between and I relish in them. I let my body relax and soaked in the precious moment. As I did I felt a faint flutter and I realized the baby was kicking, it was not the first time but the sensation still carries that special wonder and awe.

I love this child within me, who I am starting to know through listening to heartbeats at appointments and the faint flutters that will soon grow into kicks and jabs.

I love the child snuggled close to me. His breath is rhythmic and easy and I love that I can sweep his hair to the side in love and adoration. He is a constant amusement to me with his new tricks and talents. Yesterday morning as I lay in bed reading I heard him chattering away along with some musical toy. His chatters grew closer and I looked up to see him on his toy phone in my room. He looked up as if I had caught him off guard, his chatters stopped and he ran out of the room. He then resumed his chatters. Whatever that conversation was, it was important and I was clearly interrupting. He is currently eating a Ferrero Rocher in his chair next to me. His legs are on the table and he eats carefully, to make the sweet treat last as long as possible.

My last Valentine was my first real Valentine. He constantly surprises me with thoughtfulness and his awareness of what I need. He is always so giving, in the best way. He doesn't give things, he gives time and energy over and over again. He always amazes me when he plays with Max, making him giggle like no one else could. I love him. He is dependable, loyal, honest, upright, and incredibly goofy. He make me feel as if the sun is coming from all directions, illuminating everything and keeping warm.

                                                             Happy Valentine's Day.

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