Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I cry at night

I wake up and reality washes over me all over again. I could lay in bed and never get out which seems like a realistic option sometimes but I know that to give up, to do nothing is to let hopelessness win and I am not without hope.

My days ebb and flow with revelation, numbness, inspiration, and aching. I get out of the house, I read books, I read my scriptures, I try my best to play with Max, and I visit with people. I tell them that it all seems like a dream or that I am living someone else's life. To be honest, when I look in the mirror I do not recognize this new girl in front of me. She seems much older, and sorrow flicks behind her eyes.

Sometimes I worry if I am grieving correctly. I know that there is no one "right" way to grieve, but there is certainly a best way for yourself and sometimes I wonder if I am doing what is best for me. You see, I only really cry at night. Every now and then it will hit me during the day, but never in front of others. I have this thing about crying in front of people and it seems to have stuck even during this trial I face. So sometimes I wonder when people are asking me questions about how I am doing if they are secretly wondering why I am not sobbing before them.

I was trying to figure out why I cry at night. Why is it when Max is asleep and Kyle is in bed waiting for me to join him that it really hits me and I sob, sometimes to him and sometimes by myself, praying as the tears fall. Then I realized. I realized that when I last held James was around ten o'clock at night and that is when my arms truly ache to hold him again, to feel the weight of his body and to stroke his face. I miss him, I miss all the possibilities I had imagined for him. At night is also when I feel the most safe with my emotions, I can cry without interruption, I can pray for as long as possible. I can grasp for myself how I am really doing.

I don't know how to respond when people ask "how are you doing?" and luckily someone read to me a blog post of another mother who is going through the same exact situation and her words perfectly described how I feel about that question, click here to read it yourself. Read this while you are at it.

A midst all of this heartache and sadness I feel blessed to say that there truly are happy moments each day. I have an immense appreciation for all those who reach out to me and serve me in big and small ways. Everything adds up and means a whole lot to me and to my family. My love for Max and Kyle has grown infinitely and it has brought me so much joy to feel so much more love for them. Like I predicted, James is impacting my life in a great way and helping me to grow so much more than I could have ever imagined. It does not take the pain of his loss away but to know that I am making something of this loss is what gets me out of bed in the morning, it is what comforts my soul when I cry at night.


  1. Dearest Gina,

    Your family is in our payers as you travel this difficult road. 12 years ago, my best friend experienced a still birth. I share this because I think of her sweet daughter often, and I know others will continue to remember your sweet James as well. May the Lord give you strength when you need to stand strong, and comfort when you need to melt into His loving arms.


  2. Hi Gina:
    I am Char, one of Melanie's friends. I love you guys too and wanted you to know that I really care and you are in my prayers. This is such a beautiful picture. Back when I went to support group for my losses. I remember the odd things I ate! My second loss I ate peanut butter m&M's for 3 weeks straight!It was all I could handle. You are an amazing woman and you are doing great! writing is extremely healthy and I am proud of you! Praying and reading the scriptures are always the best! Sometimes when I prayed I could only say I love you and close the prayer. You have been a given an understanding why you weep at the one time a day! There are no rules to mourning everyone does it in their own way and if you rush it because people tell you to you will just hold it in and it will come up at another time! Just take good care of yourself in the process, even if it means eating peanut butter m&m's