Monday, January 5, 2015

A Comparison of Faces and Other thoughts on Motherhood Right Now

The Evidence:

                                             Max                                                 Daniel

                                      Max                                                        Daniel

A resemblance is obvious but I conclude that Daniel has a much larger jowl and a more defined cleft chin. Maxwell's bottom lip is tad more noticeable and his hair was darker. They have the exact same nose though. 

Other findings not related to physical resemblance:

They both drool like the dickens! (Who made up "like the dickens!"?...) Daniel is much bigger than Maxwell ever was, in fact at 4 months he is already in 6 month clothing....which in the end is helpful because it allows me to maximize on Max's hand-me-downs seasonally. Poor Daniel is having a much more enthusiastic and energetic infancy than Max ever did, due to Maxwell himself. Max LOVES to shout in his face and tries to keep him alert at all times. I imagine it as a mini baby boot camp and Max is the drill sergeant, "BABY DANNY! LOOK OVER HERE BABY DANNY!!!!!!BABY DANNY! BABY DANNY!" Lots and Lots of stimulation. 

He is not without quiet moments though, because he LOVES to be held and carried and cooed at by all adults as well and we do so as often as we are able.

What a treasure these two are with their grey-blue eyes and easy grins. They love to laugh and I love to see them laugh and will resort to doing ridiculous things in an effort to make them smile, but like I said they are an easy sell for smiling so most of the time I am just doing ridiculous things because I am a bit eccentric. 

What an honor it is to be a mother, to be their mother. They are the reason I don't get a full night's sleep. They are the reason all of my clothes smell weird. They are the reason for many prayers and much stress but for some reason, all of that adds up to joy. It adds up to a sheer happiness that is unexplained. A giddiness that defies logic and sense. Babies don't keep, but the joy that they bring sure does.

(Don't eye-roll me for all of this sappiness...eye-roll the oxytocin from nursing.)

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