Friday, April 24, 2015

My Friday Four

This week has been filled with so much whining that I have muttered, "I want to gouge my ears" too many times than I would care to admit. Kids can be really, terribly frustrating but then they snuggle up to you and whisper, "I love you mom." Refocuses your perspective pretty darn quick.

Some favorites from this week

-Used to be deathly scared of the vacuum until about 5 months ago. Wednesday he asked to try it out and has been asking every hour since. Also, doesn't understand that the kitchen floor is best swept than vacuumed.

-Soapy babies.

- His two bottom teeth are almost completely in and he keeps running his tongue over them. It is adorable.

-This child is constantly going; moving, talking, explaining, questioning, arguing. He makes my head hurt and my heart full.

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