Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prepare for Time

We are preparing this week. Preparing for a week of camping and climbing and hiking out in the middle of nowhere Idaho. This week has been in the works for almost a year now and of course last night in a panic of lists and things to do, I told Kyle we should probably just not go.

Preparation takes work, thought, diligence, and organization. It is hard and made even more difficult when you have children that need attention and food and love and you can't find a moment of peace to sort through all there is to get ready for.

There will be sun, dirt, and rocks. There will also be hunger, thirst, cuts and scrapes.

But it will be so worth it.

That is what I try to focus on.

On the time we will be able to spend as a family enjoying beautiful natural creations. For challenging our bodies to climb higher and longer and finding success in reaching the top. For gathering around in the evening and laughing and telling stories. For crashing on air mattresses and it feeling like the most luxurious bedding because you are that tired. For time spent creating memories and moments that will be cherished and loved.

One of my favorite church leaders has said, "In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time."

I love that. I am trying to remember that and live true to it. There is always the inner desire for more time for oneself but my deepest desire is not live a life focused solely upon myself. I want look outward. So I will prepare, not just for a camping trip, but for the opportunity of time without distractions. To shut out the noise, internet, and cell service and to see that I have more time than I realize.

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  1. Love everything about this. Can't wait to hear all about this trip!!