Monday, May 5, 2008


So I always though Tuscany was a place.....but its actually a region. The movie Under the Tuscan Sun confused me. Me and my two roommates, Krytal and Gyaltsen, headed out to Siena. Siena was sweet. It was frozen in medieval times. It would have been even sweeter if people had dressed up. That would have made my day, but otherwise all the building are towers and it was built to protect from harmful outside forces. That makes really small, cramped streets. We wandered around, visited the town center...well you can't really miss it. We went in the Duomo (cathedral) and it was pretty cool overall. The best part was going up on this sort of ledge that overlooks the whole town and countryside. It was gorgeous. Siena is like my ideal place to live.
We stayed at a hostel, the only hostel in Siena. It was a fun experience for my first hostel. Just a bed to sleep on basically. The next morning we set out to Pisa. Just to take a picture, really thats all we did. Its funny because there is this field and EVERYONE is doing the same thing, holding up the leaning tower. It's pretty funny to see people holding up nothing. After taking some pictures we headed back home on a four hour train ride. Let me tell you, I thought trains were cool. NOT FOR FOUR HOURS. I went a little bit crazy, but I did get to see the coastline of Italy....mmmm ocean..... Needless to say, I love Tuscany and enjoyed my time under the Tuscan sun.


  1. I demand more entries!

  2. Just wait til you take a night train (which I hope you don't) and you'll be on a train for like 20 hours! in a tinnnnyyy little compartment! I am glad you're having a great time and seeing some great sites though!