Thursday, April 24, 2008

The groove of things

I must say that I have gotten rather good at being away from my family and friends. But I think it gets harder when you cant call them on a whim. There is something about wanting to call your best friend or your mom and not being able to because you dont have a phone. Let's clarify. I have a phone, but I have no minutes on it. It's free for me if you call me. But I can't call out. No one has called my phone in a VERY long time. With Skype its easier to just get online. But sometimes its hard when all you want to do is talk to your family or friends. Oh well. You move forward and push along.
Italy is going great. My English professor is going crazy I believe (today he called Mother Teresa ugly and hunchbacked and questioned her true character because of some suspected political affiliations) and my Italian/Art teacher is cute and adorable. On Wednesday we visited the Villa Farnese. It has a gorgeous picture by Raphael painted on a fresco. It was just a gorgeous house in general. I was also able to visit the sepulcher of St. Peter. He came to Rome to visit the emperor that was in charge when Christ's death was decided. He came to teach. He was crucified instead. Although he decided to hang himself upside down because he couldnt imagine dying the same way Christ did. He felt he wasnt worthy. Interesting stuff for sure.

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  1. Boo English teachers who hate on saints. Go Gina Go Gina Go Gina Go Gina Go! Go! Go!

    Keep on rocking the Italian world.