Monday, April 14, 2008

Paris holds the key to my heart...

Does anyone remember the movie Anastasia where they sing that song. It was constantly humming through my head. Its partly true, but to be honest I think I like Rome better. So Thursday I embarked with my roommate Laura to Ciampino airport which is outside of Rome but I learned to use the bus and train and we managed to get there REAL early and so we had to sit around for awhile. We finally got into Beauvais which is an hour outside of Paris so we had to take a shuttle to Porte Maillot which happened to be near our hotel. YAY! so we arrived at our hotel dropped off our luggage and found a cute little restaurant and had some yummy food. She got this delicious mashed potato thing and I got some yummy duck. We decided to sleep and wake up early for some shopping before we met up with her friend Tammy. We got up and since we were close to the Arc de Triomphe we though...why not? so we took some pictures (for evidence you will have to check out facebook) and then got some breakfast. French breakfast consists of a croissant, orange juice, buttered baguette, and a hot drink. So naturally I got hot chocolate. It was soo cool because they gave you a cup of melted chocolate and a cup of hot milk and you mixed it yourself! of course i was like CHOCOLATE so it was a little strong at first and then i had a lot of left over milk...whatev. Then we found H&M! ok so this is a big deal to me. I love clothes and I have heard of this store since I was about 13 and I have dreamt of our union. What better than the fashion capital of the world to meet up. We found it and I was in heaven. I love clothes. especially cheap clothes. H&M is a dream come true...thankfully Seattle will be getting three next year. PHEW! anywho after I dudded myself up to look French apparently it worked because people kept coming up to me speaking French asking me for directions. I was able to help some (okay one who actually spoke english) because I am at metros. Seriously you should be jealous of my keen ability to get from point A to point B especially with transfers in between. So after shopping we met up with Laura's friend Tammy at hotel number two. We set out once again, this time for the Eiffel Tower. So we get off at the right stop and walk out of the metro and there is this HUGE building in the way and we are turning around and we are like where is it? then we take a couple of steps past the building and BAM! Tammy screams and we jump in excitement. The Eiffel Tower was before my very eyes. It was amazing! We bought some berets (duh we are in PARIS!) and took LOTS of pictures. We then got a french hot dog (they use a baguette) and some french ice cream and got tickets for a bus tour. We rode around for about 2 hours while the bus showed us almost everything Paris had to offer. It was freezing in Paris by the way. We went back to H&M (which i was JUST fine with) and after being in Europe I had noted a fashion trend. It's something I like call the Leather Jacket. EVERYONE HAS ONE! well i was cold and there was the cutest, cheapest (for a leather jacket) leather jacket at H&M so now I'm warm and happy. We go have dinner (escargot, steak, and creme brulee) and then go to meet Potato/Katie at the train station. We had a little time on our hands so we go the Eiffel Tower once more (its night now) and its the same reaction. We are jumping, arms linked laughing and smiling in amazement at the sheer beauty and power of this one monument. It really is gorgeous. Well we go get Potato and SHE wants to see the tower so we split up and Tato has the SAME reaction and we end up talking on some steps with the Eiffel Tower in view for awhile. It was amazing. We go back to the hotel and make plans for the next day.
I will start shortening this a little...I think I am rattling on a little too much. So the next day we hike UP the Eiffel Tower (literally we climbed the stairs ) and saw the 360 view of Paris. It's very romantic architecture still with the houses and everything. So then we go to the Louvre and see Venus/Aphrodite and the Mona Lisa and.......the winged victory. That was my favorite. She is just soo gorgeous and hope filled. We got some souvenirs and then walked along the Siene River towards Notre Dame but the line was too long so we didnt go inside but took more pictures and then we took a break because of our poor feet. We headed back to the hotel to have dinner at the CUTEST little French restaurant with Laura and Tammy. We then visited the Moulin Rouge and went to bed. Woke up at 450 to get to the airport which sucked but it was worth it.
Overall I kinda missed Rome but LOVED Paris. It's SUCH a romantic city, it makes you want to share it with someone special. I was glad I had Potato and Laura and Tammy. It will be an experience to remember forever.

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