Monday, April 7, 2008

General Conference

So this weekend was a whirlwind. It was my first church experience in Italy. I wanted to go to General Conference but had to figure out how. Well I was in contact via email with the institute teacher here and he gave me some info but when Saturday came I called him to clarify some confusion. Have you ever been nervous to call a stranger. Well its one of my biggest fears. Now add being in a foreign country where they dont speak english...ahhhh awkward phone conversations. Of course it wasn't awkward at all because turns out he spoke english very well. So Saturday came and I went to the bus stop with my roommate Katie (thank you for coming with me!) and we waiting almost an hour for the 916. I was scared it wasn't going to come. Conference started at 6pm and it was 5:55....time was running out. Well we see the glorious number 9-1-6 and board the bus. We counted the 21 stops that we passed and at 21 got off at Boccea and Bra. I was greatful that we got off at the right stop because its hard to find a map of Rome that goes past the historic center where I live. So we find the building and walk in. ITS IN ITALIAN! nooooo but then I see a familiar sight, an elder. Thank goodness for Elders. He showed me where it was playing in english. I walk into a room FULL of elders and about 6 sisters. Mia would have been sooo jealous : ) Well Katie and I stood out but we sat down as they finished the sustaining. Oh yea I forgot to mention that with the time difference conference starts at 6pm here (live) and the second session is at 10 pm so most go home and watch the recording at 2pm on Sunday and then the sunday morning at 6pm and then the 10pm online. Anyways everything worked out which was really neat, because I was so scared the whole time. Well on Sunday I did the whole bus thing by myself and made friends with the sisters missionaries in my ward and even some sisters from Peru. The church truly is a united church. I love it!

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