Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Loving Rome

So I am starting to wander around this city more. It's crazy just walking around because there is SO MUCH history everywhere. It blows my mind sometimes just looking at medieval and renaissance houses paired next to each other and knowing what is what based on their construction. I am already learning a lot about the history of Rome, its rulers and government. Yesterday I walked to the Trevi Fountain by myself (during the day mind you, im not stupid i dont go wandering by myself at night) and it was so fun to just watch all of these tourists so in love with this such. I think I am blending more into a local, at least I like to imagine myself that way. I think i still stand out though as an American. The trevi was gorgeous. We also saw some Caravaggio paintings today. WOW. My grandpa loves this painter and he tries to replica his paintings but seeing them in real life is amazing. they are SO realistic. Caravaggio decided to go against the rules of his master by painting idealistically and instead he painted real people with dirt and dust on their feet and wrinkles on their faces. So amazing. I love just walking into a random little church with my teacher and seeing a painting by RAPHEAL! its mindblowing sometimes....

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