Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Nordstrom,

I love you. Ever since I have grown up I have wandered in your space oohing and ahhing at the many beautiful clothes you have to offer. Today you have offered me more than I have ever needed. My fiance came in looking for a suit for our wedding day and you provided. You always do. I know you can be expensive but it is okay when it is for something important, quality and that will be used until it erodes into ashes. The suit is beautiful and makes my fiance look dang good. Thank you Nordstrom's for your wonderful customer service, the knowledge that comes with your workers is invaluable. I would have never know to tell my fiance not to button the last button on the vest. But you did. Wonderful you. I love you Nordstrom. Somewhere in my house is that silly blue stuffed animal I got with my first pair of patent leather sunday shoes, that is why I love you.


For those of you who think Nordstrom is too expensive or ridiculous I say to you: don't buy the silly things but dig deep to the core of the store and you will find quality. Something that lacks in many stores today.

(this probably contradicts my previous post about retail work not being rewarding.....)

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