Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let freedom ring

I really really really am overwhelmed right now. But really I just keep thinking...isn't this what being a mother will be like? Feeling like you have no time to yourself? Who knows, but I'm trying to keep the perspective that Heavenly Father is molding me to be more efficient and patient with my time. I am kinda waiting for freedom, but an institute class recently reminded me that really there is not final freedom. You are always waiting for something (school to end, to get a job, marriage, kids, retirement) and really life just goes on. It should always be busy.

Okay, confession time. I love the Delilah radio talk show. As sappy as it is, she is just trying to spread love. What's so bad about that? Anyways so she recited this anonymous poem that basically said:

I was dying to graduate public school
I was dying to graduate college
I was dying to get married
I was dying to have kids
I was dying to retire
Now I am dying and I realized...
I forgot to live.

As cheesy as it was, it was kinda profound and went with the Institute class lesson. Right now I am dying to get married, but in the process am I forgetting to live, to love, to laugh.

Anywho even though I want to be free, really I need to find the peace now. The peace the gospel can bring daily, not just Sunday or at institute. Bringing Heavenly Father into every aspect of my life. Gotta work on that.

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