Monday, February 7, 2011

To Spokane....

We are moving to Spokane. Kyle was chosen as an alternate for University of Utah and after having a heart to heart, we were led to know where we were supposed to be.

It was not an easy decision. It came with tears on my part, I really wanted to move and I had a little bit of pride issues regarding school names.

But the truth is, none of that really matters. Kyle will get the same education, we will save an enormous amount of money (yay for not feeding our child top ramen!), and we will have the chance to be close to family.

School won't start until September so we have some time off after Kyle finishes at UW. After talking to my mother we are excited to announce a 5 month hiatus in Yakima. Our child will be born in the same city I was. We will be able to have the immediate support of our family and we realized what a blessing and joy that will be.

I am so excited. Kyle and I went to bed with an extreme feeling of peace. A feeling of knowing the direction our Heavenly Father has for us and that we are going where He wants us to go.


  1. Also positive -- you won't miss out on seeing us when we visit. :) I'm sure you'll end up loving Spokane just fine.

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!! i will be able to go and visit you a lot then! much as possible! sorry you arent going to utah there will come a time and it will be right. im just glad that you will still be in state. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!