Monday, January 31, 2011

Bumping along.

Today was a great day.

The sun came out and fueled my spirit. Seriously, I got so much done today and had a much better attitude than usual. I decided to make a list of what I absolutely needed to do today. Nothing was going to stop me. Not a books. Not a nap. Want my list?

-Study scriptures
-Do laundry
-Clean room
-Go for a walk


Ok, so not a super grand list. But as you can see from my picture that scripture study was way rad. I got home from a lovely day at work basking in the joy of a child's imagination.

I decided I needed to take advantage of the sun while it was out. I thought, I could go for a walk? But I knew that I needed to study my scriptures first thing when I got home otherwise I would not devote the time they deserved. What to do?


I felt so fulfilled walking with my blankets and scriptures to the park to set up a lovely scripture study session. Seriously there were birds tweeting and children laughing. It was great.

...and guess what else? I started some laundry before I left. I was doing three things at once!

So it was a good day.

A good day is a day where you feel your baby kicking and know without a doubt that it is the baby and not your heartbeat or your intestines....

A good day is finding out that Seattle brought back the Oldies station and the first song you excitedly wait for after the ads is "Let's get it on" Seriously. I had to laugh.

A good day is diving into a good book, the scriptures, and some homemade beef stew.

A good day is fresh laundry, a clean floor, and sun on your skin.

So I am bumping along and taking what the day gives me, especially a baby bump.

What made you happy today?

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  1. What made me happy today? Finding your blog! Yay for being blog friends!