Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing Perception

I have this problem getting into peoples heads.

Sometimes I cannot understand the least bit why people perceive things the way they do. But in my heart of hearts I truly want to change perceptions. I want to change the way people view the world. The way they see other people.

My mom is a counselor for children and we talk weekly about the perceptions of todays youth. Why is bullying so effective. I mean take a look around. Bullying still happens in the adult world but we just shrug it off and think, "they will learn eventually."

In prepping for motherhood I have been thinking about the role of a mother and the perceptions that society has on it. On how it's "suffocating" or "unfulfilling" or on the alternate spectrum "the absolute only way for your kids to be happy." Why is it that our society can't agree on the real beauty of life.

Where has our love for life gone?

I see snippets of it in blogs. As people tend to show the good and hold off on the bad they are really exercising the choice to focus on the beauty in life. The picnics in the park rather than the tantrums and vomit. Why is that so bad? Why do people think it's a false front, unrealistic or whatever other reason they have.

Do I make sense?

I guess the reason I write this is that I badly want to change the way the world views things that I care deeply about.

Being a mother


Self-Esteem of Girls, Teens, and Women

My religion

I can't help but be pained when my views are seen as abnormal. Lately it has occured in increasing frequency. For some reason breastfeeding makes people uncomfortable. Why? (I have heard reasons, you don't really have to answer that). For some reason being a stay at home mom comes with a barrage of questions such as, "Why aren't you doing what you want to do?" (to which I respond: I am.). For some reason girls in middle school still feel a need to tear each other down. To take an ounce of happiness someone else has and make it sour. Why has this continued into our adulthood? Weren't we told it would end? Soon middle school, high school, etc. would be over?

My heart feels heavy as my thoughts battle the opinions of mainstream, of generations, of culture.

How to change it all?

Start at the source?
Work in the present?
Communicate through media?

My desires go from raising my children with a different knowledge to starting a camp of my own to empower as many youth as I can with the truth of who they are and what they can be to wanting to pick up a guitar and magically sing the problems away (It worked when we were kids right?)

Alas. Is this a war? Do we address it with a battleplan? Or do we look at it with love. With kind thoughts. Gain trust. Show them the beauty of the world and hope that maybe eventually their hearts with open to the truth.

p.s. My internet hates me uploading pics lately. Sorry the blog has been devoid of visuals. I will work on it : )


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  2. The issues of teen bullying are vastly important and weighing on our community as a whole right now. The only thing that will change the core of our community is when the majority of people teach their young children tolerance and empathy as a core staple in life. You are who you are because of what you live day to day growing up in your own home.
    As for acceptance, if you're regularly being made to feel like you have to defend who you are, it may be time to surround yourself with different people. There as so many other things to focus on. Defending a life choice your comfortable with seems like a waste of time.

  3. It's not so much acceptance with my friends, my friends are awesome! It's those day to day people you come across or have an obligatory relationship with. : )

  4. This is so in line with some stuff I've been working on!! Let's chat. ;-)