Monday, January 17, 2011

seattle be gone.

I have lived here since 2006.

I am done. I am done with the drizzle. The lack of sun. The complete GRAYNESS of this city.
(seriously in a city with overcast skies 80% of the time, stop painting houses and buildings gray to match the sky and roads!)

I have learned here. Grown in SO many ways. It is where I gained my testimony (finding light amid the bleh-ness of this one season city).

But I am SO excited to leave. I am so excited for sun on my face. Sun. How I missed you.

I just want my own home again. We have no space that is ours. I also refuse to clean.


These are the various excuses I have given Kyle (mad credit to being this creative)
1. the weather makes me want to curl up in a ball and never come out from under the covers
2. it's not MY space so I feel no connection to keep it clean
3. when i try to clean it hurts my head because there is no place to put things

Do you find crazy excuses for not putting away your clothes? Or folding them? Or picking up a plastic fork on the ground that has been used...

Those covers are looking pretty nice right now. You will find me there until the end of March. When we move.

Location to be determined in about 3 weeks (SQUEAL!)


  1. Come to Arizona! We have sun like 360 days of the year!!

  2. I wish there was a good pt school in Arizona. It sounds pretty darn nice right about now :) It's either Montana or Utah. We are hoping for Utah.

  3. You know that Montana is cold, right? A lot colder than Seattle.

    And Utah gets pretty cold too...

  4. I am very aware they are cold places. I don't have a problem with cold. Yakima gets cold too. I have a problem with lack of sun. Cold and sunny is just fine with me. As long as there is sun. :)