Monday, May 2, 2011

Love and Hate as of Late

Easter was pretty hilarious this year, it consisted of getting to see my older brother Robert and my husband being convinced to dress up as an easter bunny by my little sisters.


Egg race in the backyard


Then it got dirty. I don't remember exactly what happened but basically the hard boiled eggs started getting thrown at people and then my little brother smashed one over my little sisters head. Well that did not go over well and revenge was taken in the form of flour.


There are a lot of things that I am loving right now. Mainly the sunshine that makes for perfect spring days and the rounding of my belly. There is a certain loss of self that comes with pregnancy. Your body is not entirely your own anymore. You are harboring a precious soul who likes to kick your bladder, rib cage, stomach, etc. I remember always wanting to be pregnant. To look down and see a rountund shape and just feel beautiful creating life. Well turns out that romantic ideal is a bit of a stretch. It is hard to feel beautiful when you feel so big. I remember growing up and just being so petite and tiny. No boobs, no butt, no height. Everyone around me started developing and slowly I did too. Then I swear one day I woke up with a chest and a butt and it was hard to realize that I wasn't the stick I used to be. You change and adapt. Then I grew some more in college because of a lack of exercise and a consumption of ice cream. I didn't gain an abhorrent amount of weight but enough so that the zipper of my designer jeans broke. Ok... so it might have been a bit much...So the point of this montage of my body development is that I am going through another stage. A stage where I know that my body will be different after baby is born. So my conclusion?

I vow to always love the body that my Heavenly Father has given me. I vow that I will strive to keep it healthy in every way that I can. I will not wallow in my imperfections but strive to grow in every moment and find beauty in all things.

Ok. So getting that off my chest I am loving my pink toe nails and the fact that I found some great maternity shirts on sale at Target. I am also loving coconut popsicles and the fact that I got to go swimming on Saturday. In an outdoor pool. Oh yeah.

Things I am not loving:
1. the pain in my breasts. They are bigger, my rib cage is bigger and my bras are no longer cutting it
2. a lingering stuffy nose and cough
3. impending insufferable heat

So this past weekend we took a small family trip to Leavenworth. It is a small Bavarian town in Washington and it was a lot of fun.

They had Justin Beiber cut outs everywhere.


In the infamous Hat shop, this is my husband's little sister who insisted on being photographed a bajillion times : )


I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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