Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making me a Mama

Have you read If you haven't I highly recommend you dash over to the most inspiring, down-to-earth, and just real as it gets blog. Every now and then when I wish I could read more of her words I look at her past posts. Recently I read the birth story of her first daughter and I was overcome with emotion. The reality of this child in me became so real with her words, "you made me a mama."

This little life inside of me is what will make me a mama. Hopefully more children will follow but there is something so special about the first child I am realizing. It is strange to think this baby has a personality and sometimes when I am all alone I just talk to it. Sometimes I wish I knew the gender but in all reality I am really liking the aspect of surprise. I love feeling the baby inside me, the kicks and position changes. I am very excited to meet this little person because I know that they will be so special and they will teach me so much more than I can ever teach them.

I have dreamt about being a mama for a long time. I have longed to kiss the heads of my children at night and hold them tight. I cannot wait to sing them soft lullabies and teach them about life and love and faith.

I so badly want to "nest" and create a perfect place for this little one to enter into. A beautiful little gender neutral room where I can feel inspired to do motherly things. But really I am finding out more and more that nothing will replace the pure love we can give this child. No matter what bedding, clothing, or gadgets we have this baby will be wrapped in love. That is the only haven it really wants. That and milk.

So even though I have fun creating cute little onesies and picking out the "perfect" carseat, I know that deep down I have everything it takes to be a mama. It's always been inside of me and this baby is going to reveal my infinite self-worth as a mother. I am so excited.

And because it was requested here is a picture of me today at 32 weeks.



  1. Gina! You are so cute and tiny! You seriously look amazing prego!!! You're gonna be a great mom!

  2. 32 already??? Where does time go?

    I love this post. Love and milk. Yup--that pretty much does it for the necessities! (And they're pretty inexpensive, too. It's everything else that gets pricey.)

    Enjoy your last handful of weeks!