Friday, August 26, 2011

the in between

Life is very in between lately, hence a lack of writing on the internet.

Last week we picked up a budget truck and moved all of our stuff from the garage to spokane. We came back to realize we had not thoroughly thought out our plan of moving our stuff before we moved ourselves. We have no bed. The first week we slept on a mattress topper on the floor. When the back pain was realized we moved into my Mother's RV in the driveway. Yes. I live in an RV currently. Ok so really we just sleep there but still.

I miss my bed. And my clothes. I pack a few shirts and the one pair of pants that fit me. I want more options now...

I am almost 23. My birthday is on Tuesday and it already feels different this year. I feel like my parents have less claim on me than usual. Is it motherhood? Their divorce? Who knows but I trying to keep myself away from expectations this year. I just dont know how the day will pan out so I am deciding to be grateful for whatever happens.

It's almost fall. Can you believe it? Summer in Yakima is firing its last shots of heat trying to stay alive but the calender tells me that soon I will be crunching leaves beneath my feet.

My body feels ever so in between lately. It's a bit frusterating. Remember all those clothes in Spokane? None of my pants fit. It upsets me a bit and I am trying to remember that it takes time to make a baby so surely it takes time to recover, but why do those super models have to flaunt that they are the exception to the rule? Making the rest of us feel like we got bad genes..... I am trying to figure out what my body is planning on doing right now, and prepping for the realization that I might actually have to consistently exercise. Oy.

Baby Max is doing wonderfully by the way. He is Mr.Smiles lately and I love watching Kyle play with him. It's quite sweet.

Well that is an update to how my life feels and I am just waiting for when I can settle a bit and establish a small routine.


  1. Those supermodels are definitely not the exception to any rule... they're just rich enough to pay for tummy tucks. And their pictures are photo shopped.

  2. Supermodels and the Hollywood elite also have personal trainers and dieticians who don't likely wait the full 6 weeks for Doc's approval to start getting back in shape.


    And 'In Between' is a great description for your current life stage. I'd tell you that it will pass, but you already know that and have probably had a bagillion other people tell you that.