Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In a flash.


Motherhood comes like a lightning bolt. It zaps you in a moment as you meet your little one for the first time, electrifying your very core with a new sensation.
When friends and family come over to visit Max they always ask how it is, being a mother now. I always stutter out a few words trying to find the right ones that could possible explain the way my life has changed without sounding cliché. I feel like I end up sounding a bit strange and dazed but maybe that’s exactly what my life feels like.

It is strange becoming a mother because as gradual as pregnancy is, when your baby lands in your arms it shocks you. You think to yourself, “why did no one prepare me for this wonderful feeling?” and then you realize as you try to describe it to others that it’s nearly impossible without others looking at you like you’ve ingested a few too many rainbows…

You are a bit dazed because everything is so exciting and new and boy they weren’t lying about that sleep were they? You’re mind feels a little bit groggier but when you actively take part in beholding the wonder of your very own creation that fog diminishes completely and you are filled with the most brilliant light. Your heart swells and by golly you just want to go out and give everyone a baby and then maybe we could have world peace. Everyone would be too busy sniffing their new baby and laughing at the bodily functions of their very own little one and they would forget they were mad at so and so and that they were going to launch that missile….

So I have decided when they ask me about how it feels to be a mother, I will tell them it feels like lightning. I’m utterly electrified.


  1. A most excellent description.

    But lightning is rather a fleeting, so I'd definitely add the bit about ingesting too many rainbows. That's in there, too.