Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dude. I've been here half of a year.

My precious boy has been here half of a year. It is hard to wrap my mind around it really. He feels brand new and old at the same time. He is growing and progressing like nobody's business, plus he is super cute to boot! He sits on his own, eats pureed veggies and fruits and sometimes a rice rusk (think giant rice krispy flake). He charms the elderly and grumps. He especially charms his parents. What can we's the drool.
This is his come hither look. We practice this a lot at home for his future in wooing all the ladies. I think he has got it down but he still wants to practice on his momma all the time.

In last two days he has decided he wants to figure out this whole forward motion thing. He has got the rolling down pat but it's the army crawl he is trying to figure out currently. Basically he looks like an accordian contracting his body as he gets his feet to push him a half an inch closer. I, as his mother, have the sacred duty of taunting him by continually putting whatever object of desire continually out of reach. I think reading Dante's Inferno gave me too many ideas of how to make repitition an exciting part of life. Minus the whole punishment aspect.

Kyle is on school schedule once again and Max expects him home promptly at 5pm. Seriously after 5 Max gets completely bored with me. Once Papa walks in and Max is in his arms, totally chill. He will just sit with Kyle trying to soak up as much masculinity as possible to overcome the fact that we watched one too many episodes of Gilmore Girls.

I love my Mister, Bubba, Bubby, Max, Little Punk.

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