Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Baby Toes!!!!

I think Max is finally actually cutting a tooth. I figured this out because he cannot seem to nap longer than 30 minutes where he usually naps an hour or more. No variable has changed so I have to assume. I was grumbling about this to myself. You see naps are vital to a mother. They are an oasis. So when the naps are 30 minutes I get a bit...irked.

You're not supposed to be irked at your baby for not napping properly are you?

It's bad etiquette or something.

But then something lovely happened yesterday. Max woke from a nap and I went to get him, I had been watching a movie so we returned to the movie watching and he would lay his head on my chest for a few minutes and then perk up, lay his head down and then perk up. This went on for a good ten minutes or so when I realized he hadn't perked up in a bit. He fell asleep on me!

This happens a lot when they are newborns but I have noticed it becomes increasingly rare to feel the warm nuzzle of your baby under your chin. I relished in the moment (which lasted an hour!) slightly cursing myself for putting the couch pillow out of reach so that I could be a little more comfortable. Didn't matter though because his warm body breathed methodically against mine. T'was heaven.

On another note I was cornered at the market by two older ladies yesterday. I saw them oogling at Max from a distance and near the bread they planned an attack trapping me between two display cases of artisan bread and sparkling juices coming at me from both sides. They cooed and told me how precious and beautiful Max was. I couldn't agree with them more! They told me to cherish every moment because soon he will be in kindergarten, etc, etc.

Some people hate getting bombarded but I don't mind. In fact it makes me chuckle. I don't mindn that they grab his hands and pinch his cheeks (okay the pinching hasn't occured) because I get joy from seeing that my little babe brings others joy. I mean he is like human sunshine to me so if I can spread that light around to others who might be lonely or having a bad day. I count that as a bonus perk to having a baby in my book!

I didn't even mind them telling me to not take for granted my precious babe. They are well meant words and a good reminder for anyone. Although it's inevitable that I will take for granted these precious times in my life, for a moment they remind me to send a prayer of thanks to God, for my baby and the sheer joy he brings to my everyday.

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