Thursday, June 14, 2012

Falling in love at sixteen

As a teen a read far too many young adult novels with basically the same plot. Teen girl fraught with inner turmoil shows up in a new environment and must face life all while falling for the guy she least expected and in the end finds herself.

I loved them and plowed through them on lazy summer days.

When I was sixteen my life was not full of a whole lot of turmoil but being a teen I definitely had my fair share of inner turmoil that I pretty much talked to no one about. It wasn't life or death stuff but more along the lines of self-doubt and confusion.

Then I was thrown into a new environment, Camp Dudley. It was just what I needed and in the end I ended up falling for the guy I least expected and found myself as much as I could for that time in my life.

Falling in love at sixteen was something I dreamed and fantasized about but didn't actually think would happen to me. But it did. I was blessed to cross paths with the boy who would become my future husband.

Yes, I married my high school sweetheart and guess what?

I love my choice.

I love that he still makes me feel sixteen and gives me butterflies like he is kissing me for the first time all over again.

I love that when I am 32 I will have already spent half of my life with him in it, already I have more memories with him, than without him.

I love that our relationship has an element of youthfulness to it.

I lucked out finding my husband when I was sixteen, I wasn't looking, it wasn't a plan but when a  healthy relationship presented itself and made me challenge myself to become better in the best possible ways and made me feel comfortable with who I already was, man I held on to that opportunity.

I am so grateful I did.

Yesterday I celebrated three years of marriage to my husband, Kyle.

Three years of fun, challenge, trials, trying to communicate while brushing our teeth, faith, some bad impulse buys, laughter, water being poured on my head, snuggles, being asked "what color?" to anything and everything, and love, lots and lots of love.

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  1. How cute! I love it! And Happy Anniversary! To another 80! :)