Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In arms.

Last week was difficult for reasons beyond my control. It left me feeling anxious, fearful, and worrisome. My body reacted by welcoming a cold that left my throat burning.

There are times in life that are uncomfortable, we are brought to places that stretch us. They stretch our minds, our hearts, our emotions, until we feel ready to snap. Sometimes we do. I feel as if we are always so quick to avoid these times of trial and darkness. It's not to say I enjoy them or welcome them, but I understand their place in my existence.

If I am not brought down to low points, how will I ever know when I am up?

The contrast helps me to see the blessings that bring me joy.

The other night I tried to go to bed but my body was on alert for some reason running through anxious thoughts and plans (going through lists and more lists of things to do). I started getting frustrated why my tired body was resisting the comfort of sleep. After about 45 minutes of tossing and turning, I heard a cry from Max who happens to be cutting a tooth...

...and I knew.

I knew I was kept up for him. Who woke up in pain and fear, definite low points for a baby.

All he wanted was to be in my arms. He wanted to hear my heart beating close by, to know that he was safe and that a little breast milk would sooth his sore gums.

When I am in my trials sometimes I feel like I have to fight through it and show my warrior status. Take that anxiety! Karate chop to fear! But really all I need is to seek out the arms of the one who knows exactly what I am going through.

Not only are we given low points to reference the high points but trials occur to bring us to Him, to His arms. The arms of the Savior will push out the fear and anxiety and make the pain melt away through His warm, healing embrace.


  1. That's amazing that you were able to pull so much positive thoughts from your bad day. Thank you for this!!