Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swoon with me

Maxwell is officially 18 months old.

It is bittersweet as I watch him explore and learn more and more and try to converse with me and with others. I grasp at every moment where he surprises me with reminders of how small he still is. The other day we had a few errands that wounded up interrupting his nap time, I tried to put him down like usual but his routine was shot and he was having none of it. So I brought him to me and turned on one of my boring BBC shows and he was out pretty quickly.

Those moments are few and far between and they make me swoon all over again for this precious child.

Today was his first day going into nursery at church (Nursery is the younges "class" for the children starting at 18 months until 3 years and then they are in a more formal class setting). He did superb and the teachers said they wouldn't have known it was his first time otherwise. I know he was just chumming it up with friends and relishing in snacktime.

Some fun stories about Max:

-each morning we bring him into bed with us when he wakes up and he starts the day by reminding us where each of our noses are, our eyes, ears, hair, mouth, cheeks, and chin. It sounds like this, "There's your eye, there's your nose..." We keep adding body parts each morning.

-He loves Goodnight Moon and My World which are sister books. He will grab them off the shelf and stare at the pictures all by himself.

-Any vehicle on wheels is a chhoo chhoo (It started by reading his train book) and he is persistent when we try to correct him with the word "car" or "truck."

-He holds his lightsaber toy upside down and treats it like a vaccum.

-He calls snow, "nosh."

-He can and will seat drop on a 1-2-3 command.

-He will play farkle by himself for a good twenty minutes if you let him.

-When he plays the piano and finds the beat button his starts to kick his left leg to the side with the beat

-He must sit dead center in your lap

-If you ask him, "where's mama?" in a slightly panicked voice he bends his knees low and shuffles his feet really quiet to try to find me, in case I attack him.

-I taught him the sign for cracker which in hindsight might have been a mistake because now all he wants are crackers.

-If there is a treat he really wants (i.e. he found a reeses), he will bring it to you and say thank you so matter of factly that it sounds like he is trying to trick you into giving it to him.

Allright. Enough of that. Unless you want more. Then let me know.

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  1. I certainly swooned with you. I would love to meet Max someday.