Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Evolving Style

I mostly write pretty deep, reflective, serious posts. I thought I would lighten things up a bit by talking about clothes. Yes, clothes. I love clothes and I know I am delusional because my belly is currently turning into a basketball but let's pretend like it's not, or that at least I shouldn't have to sacrifice style just because I am pregnant.

I don't know about you, but I think about my personal style WAY too much. At a young age I started thrift shopping at the local Goodwill that was just down the street from my home, my friend and I started by sifting through the boys section for unique t-shirts that you couldn't find at American Eagle or Old Navy. As I grew older and far too big to snag those 99 cent shirts in the boys aisle I realized I could find some pretty nice name brand items. To this day my best finds are a sherbert orange Jcrew pencil skirt, an emerald Shabby Apple dress, and pair of Joes Jeans wide legged pants that were clearly never worn. I started going for the thrill of the find rather than need or finding something that would fill a hole in my style wardrobe.

After having a baby I felt like my style totally changed, I had to consider practicality WAY more than I wanted to. Babies make messes and need to be nursed often. Machine washable, breathable, comfortable clothing became my hunt.

Then I felt like I was sacrificing what I wanted to wear for what was "practical." Where was the balance? In my mind I want to look simple, classic, comfortably chic. Now I don't have the budget currently to revamp my entire wardrobe but I do have pieces there that I love and feel they fit the bill. This makes me happy. But a girl can dream bigger still right? So my dream wardrobe is comprised of beautiful, wearable dresses, skirts jeans, t-shirts, and button downs. Let me show you what I mean.

But most of all, I want Boden dresses. Have you heard of Boden? They sell amazing, easy, beautiful, simple dresses (and lots of other great stuff too!). They are everything I want to wear but while we are in grad school the dresses will have to wait (unless I find one at a thrift store...) Here are my favorites from their new summer line. Can't you imagine not having to think about your outfit and just throwing one of these on? A girl can dream and this girl plans on achieving her dream when her husband graduates.




  1. I can relate to this post on SO MANY LEVELS. Oh how I dream to be stylishly chic in an "oh, this old thing?" kind of way. Boden... who knew? I think you just changed my life. No seriously.

  2. You would look super cute in those dresses. Come to think of it, you would look super cute in a burlap bag. But Boden would definitely look better.