Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 Years

We started out like this....

Then I made the best decision ever and this happened...

Four years later and our family looks like this.....

I am so happy and grateful for where my life has taken me. I know not many would want to get married so young and have kids pretty close off the bat but that is the choice that I thoughtfully and happily made. Being married to Kyle was the best decision ever. He is my best friend and words cannot describe how utterly happy he makes me. This guy is the cheesiest, smartest, most faithful, loving man I know. So glad I have him by my side to share in many more memories where we can grow together. I love you suckafish!

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  1. I found your conversion story on another blog, and I knew I had to come over here and follow you! I JUST GOT BAPTIZED LAST SATURDAY! Our stories are very similiar and it brought me great comfort to read your story! Thanks for sharing!