Thursday, June 27, 2013

My sunshine

I took advantage of some beautiful light one morning as Max joined me in waking up. I am imprinting these moments in my mind, when it was just me and him and we had the entire day, just us, together. He continually cracks us up with his new found passion of yokes (jokes). Basically it involves calling something by it's wrong name, like saying lotion is soap. He thinks it is hilarious. We also found that he has crazy endurance for running. Kyle will go "running" with him around the block and Max just keeps going and going.  He likes to say, "ready, set, GO!" but it is more like, "ready, GO!" and he points his little finger to the direction one is supposed to run. Then he pumps his arms and jets off. I actually have a hard time keeping up with him, being pregnant and all, but it is sure fun to watch him run.

I can't believe that in three weeks this boy will be two whole years old. It amazes me to think back on when he was so little and helpless in my arms and we had to do everything for him. Now he can do so much more! I am excited to see him continue to grow.

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  1. so glad you are imprinting will always be happy you did