Friday, May 22, 2015


It has been a good week. I am working on creating a better morning routine so that I don't feel like a slug waking up, it has been slow going but I think exercising first thing is the solution. I just need to keep convincing myself of that. This week Max got to visit a dairy farm for a preschool field trip. He requested that I not cool for Mom already. Daniel has become obsessed with our carbon monoxide detector which is in the hallway at crawling height. Like a moth to a flame he pushed the button and then cries big alligator tears at the mean noise.

Excited for this weekend, going on a date tonight and then enjoying our community's Spring Fest going on this weekend (for all this town lacks it has A LOT of small town charm to make up for it). Excited to enjoy some free entertainment, good food, and of course beautiful sunshine!

This baby and these dogs. Baloo on the left, Jasper on the right. Precious Daniel playing with both of their tails in the middle.

Already wrestling. Loving it so far.

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