Friday, August 21, 2015


We went on a hike last weekend to one of my favorite spots, Boulder Cave. I have been coming here since I was in a carrier. I have proof! In a hikes for children book that was published in the 1990s, you can find a picture of my mother carrying me on her back as my brothers explore the end of the cave. I am probably far too proud of that tidbit of information...

So this cave is more of a tunnel and in the off-season it is a home to bats. Before you enter the cave there is a small waterfall around some big boulders that you can visit and then you walk through the cave (flashlights VERY necessary) and you can either take the dirt road back to the parking lot or keep following the water through the gorge all the way to a natural water slide. I happily went down it with my nephew a few times. Max was NOT game.

Anyways, this is one of my happy places. I have so many great memories of walking in the dark, finding my footing with the help of a flashlight, looking for frogs and lizards and salamanders, getting wet and muddy and being happy. I feel lucky to share that with my children. 

On to the snapshots!

Daniel getting a better view.

Throwing rocks takes concentration.

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