Friday, August 28, 2015


I stopped by my mother's house this morning to grab something and good thing I did because there were two men ready to install the new front door. My younger brother had answered the door but he had just woken up to their knocking and so I took over from there. My mom has two dogs at home and they needed to put put elsewhere so they wouldn't bark and bother the workers. One dog, Baloo, is young and annoying and the other, Jasper, is VERY old and loud. Upstairs went Baloo and then I tried to urge Jasper into the backyard. Jasper wasn't having it. She is slightly blind and deaf and has arthritis and just kept walking in circles confused at my herding. Finally I decided that I would just have to pick her up and carry her out back.

That was a bad idea.

Old confused dogs are very heavy and awkward to lift. I ended up lifting with my back rather than my legs and now my back is crying. I texted Kyle and he told me to do some cobras to help get my back into place. I tried but Daniel kept crawling on me (forever a jungle gym!). I started laughing because it all felt a little ridiculous. But once we picked up Max from preschool (yay! preschool started this week!), I put Daniel down for a nap and did some uninterrupted cobras, I plopped myself down on the bed with some netflix and laundry (with Max watching ninjago in the other room). 

Motherhood is weird and funny sometimes.

Snapshots from this week.

Cute, bald, teething baby. Turns one on the 8th! (p.s. that orange thing is a cracker, not his case you were worried...)

Went on a hike as a family this week. Max walked 3 miles! BY HIMSELF! It was awesome.