Monday, February 15, 2010

Tender Mercies

I am grateful for the tender mercies that get me through each day because lately the days seem short and full of things I don't want to do.

I am grateful for tv on the internet. We don't have cable or anything so being able to watch my shows and be flexible about it is definitely a tender mercy.

Kristin. I am calling her out here but I was just thinking about how I am really glad I am taking a class with her this quarter. Even though I can't always hear what she is saying I am glad I have at least one person who is in the same point of life I am in. She understands when I want to come over to her house because its warm and her couch is comfy. Thanks KW.

Bread. For some reason me and bread have this bond. I love making it. I love trying out new recipes and seeing how they taste. I love the way it looks cooking in the oven getting golden and shaped to perfection. I love kneading it and pretending it's what/whomever I am frustrated at. I love its freshness compared to the store bought stuff. I could go on and on about bread....

My hubby. I insisted we go to the ballet for Valentine's day. It was wonderful and I loved it. It was new to him and he was willing to try it out. He could tell I was excited and listened when I would explain to him what was happening even though he knew already....I can tell he loves me through the little things he does for me each day. I love that he makes me oatmeal and gently wakes me up if I sleep past my alarm. I will cherish this guy forever.

Heavenly Father. Lately, Heavenly Father has been revealing to me His love. In a number a different ways. Through people, prayer, and scripture. Especially at the temple. I love going there and just totally feeling His love for everyone. It makes me happy to be part of a religion that preaches such great love and teaches a complete understanding of that love. The people of the church don't always reflect it perfectly but they try and in those trials they get the best lessons about His love. It's how it's supposed to work.

I am grateful for my family and for them giving me bragging rights. I brag about my brother JP who was just awarded the most humanitarian doctor at his med school. I brag about Robert and his utter buffness and awesomeness. I brag about Mike and his ability to do so much as a 15 year old. I mean he basically takes care of my 6 year old sis, goes to school, plays hockey, and is just about the coolest kid you have ever met, I brag about miss Caroline and her ability to balance, bend, and backflip with such spunk no one has ever seen, plus she is GORGEOUS and doesn't even know it which makes her adorably humble. I brag about Margaret and how she is the smartest, funniest first grader with the freshest sense of style that has ever come to Yakima. Seriously could your little sister pull off a Joan Jett mullet? I love my siblings even though I don't tell them enough. My memories with them spring up everyday and make me smile.

I remember making mud pies and playing acid rain in the summer.

I remember playing catcher with all the neighbor kids (Catcher is basically hide and seek outside)

I remember watching my brothers play Legend of Zelda

I remember dressing Mike up in my ballet outfits wanting a sister so badly.

I remember when we would all have dinner together and Robert, JP, and Dad would all start feeding off of each others hilarity and we would all end up crying. I wish that had happened more.

After writing this post. I realize my life is pretty great isn't it : )

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