Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Besides dreaming about babies I dream about our future home. Dorky. Most Definitely.

I have always loved that I grew up in the same home my entire life. I loved my house growing up. Big front AND backyard, steep stairs, ancient treasures from previous owners. I loved how the windows went all the way down to the floor and you couldn't open them. I never wanted to. But I loved how I could always see out them and they would always cast the most magical lights across my room as cars drove by.

I also loved working on a farm during the summers for my best friends grandpa growing up. He had a dairy farm and I quickly took to the early mornings, hearty breakfasts, open pastures and roads to run around in, and the daily chores. I learned work ethic there. I had to get up to milk the cows and I had to help fix the fences and feed and wash and I even learned how to wire lights of a car. It was awesome. I learned so many practical things.

These experiences have led me to the conclusion that wherever we live, it must have space to run around, responsibility for my children(I can finally get that pony I have always wanted and make the kids take care of it!), and preferably not too far from town. In my head it looks a little like this:or this

Basically I want to go back in time and live the American Dream. We will see if it happens just as my dreams play out........One can hope right?

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