Saturday, July 10, 2010


My passion?

I was thinking about passions this week. How some people are masters at dance, painting, singing, mathematics, running, hairstyling, writing, the list goes on an on.

I started thinking about what my passion is. What I naturally live and breathe for. I can sing, dance, act, I love reading, pretty good at math, I hate running, wish I could paint, wouldn't have minded going to beauty what is my passion?

I love learning. It's what I excel at. All my life I have been teacher's pet. I never thought I was overly brown-nosing my teacher or anything. But I think my teacher's liked me because I was teachable. I liked learning. I would sit quiet and pay attention to those who I respected and could learn from.

I wasn't a perfect student by any means. If I don't respect a teacher (i.e. I don't think they can really teach me anything..) then its hard for me to pay attention, hard for me to learn.

So school fulfilled my passion to fill my mind with as much information and skills as possible. I would say information dominated skills in college. Sure you learn to write, take a test, pass your class. But I wish I had learned to sew, paint (which I could have done at UW), run, play an instrument, the list goes on and on.

There is so much I want to learn.

So I made a list. A list of what I want to learn to do.

1. run
2. yoga
3. paint
4. sew
5. style hair
6. cook 
7. travel affordably
8. garden
9. write (not essays, but a novel)
10. play guitar/piano

There are more. But this is all I will write down for now. I wish college was more introductory. Sure you can take beginning dance, painting, and writing at UW. But you can't learn to sew, style hair, garden, play guitar (they have classes for those already trained), yoga. I know some colleges provide those experiences, but not UW. So maybe I went to the wrong college? Took the wrong classes? Either way it doesn't matter now. I graduated.

So my goal now. To take sewing classes, learning to garden, start running, make my husband teach me guitar.

Welp, looks like I still gotta whole lotta learnin' to do.

What are your passions? What do you wish was your passion (i.e. you could do instead of watching tv like me)?


  1. I'm a learner too and a big time devotee of the internet. Over the past couple years I've taught myself to sew through online tutorials. We're going to be moving in a few months but after that I'm going to be teaching myself to garden through the internet. I love that, as long as you have a computer, you can always be learning for free when you've got a few minutes.

    And I am passionate about running, reading, creating, and mothering.


  2. UW had the Experimental College where you could have taken those types of introductory classes at a reduced price. But they wouldn't have counted toward college credit or anything. So that part sucks. Plus I always felt too busy during school to take on anything else.

    Now that I'm just working, I feel like I should have more time to learn new hobbies. The cake decorating class was fun, but WAY expensive once you factor in all the supplies and stuff. I need a cheap hobby... maybe I'll have Chris teach me guitar too. :) We can learn together!

    OH! Another idea! My sister and I are going to work on earning our Young Womanhood awards, cuz the church lets you get them at any point in your life, especially if you didn't get to be in Young Womens. You could work on that too!