Thursday, July 15, 2010

Accomplishments so far this week

This week I have:

-signed up for a sewing class (I am gonna make a BAG! Jealous much?)
-bought a new sports bra, running shorts, and tennis balls (the hubs and I got our game on last night--well it was really just volleying back and forth)
-watched So You Think You Can Dance and decided that Robert is my favorite. He is the best. Trust me, especially after his Travis Wall routine last night. Am I a dork? Yes.
-went running monday MORNING with Kyle. It was good. It's definitely hard to get up in the morning but it's much cooler than when I get home from work or later at night.
-bought everything for my sewing class but the material. Does anyone know what heavy weight cotton looks like. I went to JOANNs and they are so corporate and cold and busy. I hate stopping workers. (FYI I am not taking my class at Joanns, I am taking it at a local seattle place called Stitches)
-painted my toenails tropical temptation. It's basically neon salmon colored. LOVE IT!
-finished one book and started another. Except I left it at home today so I couldn't read it at work. MAJOR BUMMER.
- Nannied a 2-year-old who has delayed speech (she can now say "more") 8-4 everyday. It's not rocket science but what if those rockets didn't understand the word "no," hated eating in their high chair so that food gets EVERYWHERE and you have to follow them picking it up, screams if they don't get their way... you catch my drift? (FYI these are magical rockets we are talking about...)

On a happy note. I am going to a BBQ with some friends tonight. I am going to make a grilled salad I saw on the Giada De Laurentis show. Dude her food looks so good. Basically you grill romaine lettuce, zucchini, corn. Chop tomatoes, avacado, and Bibb lettuce. Then mix together. She also added shrimp but not everyone likes shrimp. Those people are crazy in my mind. Anyways I am excited to see how it turns out. Seems simple enough...I will probably botch it though. It seems I can only bake so far. The oven likes me. The stove range not so much.

What else should I attempt to accomplish?

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  1. You inspired me. I painted my toenails Flirty Pink. I feel so pretty! :)