Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things I love.

Summer has finally hit Seattle. Us Seattleites are very grateful and a little annoyed. Seattle doesn't prep for summer. It just comes in with a BANG! 
The fourth of July was overcast, which turned into a misting rain, then downpour. Our family came over while we were housesitting for my aunt and we had a fun little BBQ. Indoors. 
Then this week the sun came out blazing. Summer days so far had averaged in the 60s. Then it was 80-90 degrees with NO clouds. 

That's okay though because I have been getting tan this week. 

But anyways, this post isn't about the switch to ridiculously hot weather (we are wimps in Seattle okay...) but about things that I love lately.

1. gnocci (It's an Italian pasta dumpling thing and is absolutely delicious. If you see it on a menu try it!)

2. oil spray. My mother gave me an oil body spray that smells like heaven a year ago. For some reason I decided I didn't want to use it. I use it everyday now. It's made with monoi which is some sort of tropical plant. Basically it lotions my legs lightly and covers me with the perfect scent for summer.

3. Lisa Draney. This girl became one of my best friends when I first joined the Church. We lived together twice over the course of being in college and basically our lives are very much in sync lately. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend to share experiences with.

4. my blue coral necklace from Capri. I love wearing it when I am tan because it makes my blue eyes stand out. 

This is right after I bought the necklace in Capri. its the best photo I have of the necklace. Kinda random though. I had pulled my sunglasses down for some reason and forgot where they were on my face, then I tried to eat a french fry. This is the result.

5. The Book of Mormon. Seriously it's the best book ever.

6. Naps on a handmade quilt in a park. My husband and I were under the perfect tree, not too shady, not too sunny. Just perfect.

7. Summer produce. All of the best foods come in the summer when the freshest produce is available. Everything tastes infinitely better. 

8. Estee Lauder mascara. I am a picky mascara person but this stuff is non clumpy, non flaky, everyday mascara

9. Shaved legs. As a girl shaving my legs is a tedious project that I avoid as much as possible. Especially with the shower I now have, there is no room for bending so I have to sit down in order to not cut myself constantly. My legs only get attention during the colder months on Sunday mornings so that no one at church has to see my nastiness. But during the summer I try to do a quick shave every time I shower. There is nothing better than that smooth feeling. Add some Monoi Oil Spray and I feel and smell like paradise (this is solely my opinion of myself)

10. Summer dusk. The sun is setting, the temperature is finally perfect and there is just enough sunlight to enjoy what's around you.

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