Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer reading

Summer is meant for consuming mass quantities of books. This has always been the case for me ever since I was a little girl. My mom would buy a book each time I finished one. I would read everywhere. I can never stay in one spot reading for too long. 

Too much noise
Maybe a bit uncomfortable
Too much bright sunlight
Food and bathroom breaks

Sometimes my summer days were broken up this way. I would wake up and read in bed. Decide I was hungry and scarf down a bowl of cereal so I could return to my book.  I would sit in a chair outside letting my body warm up with the earth as the sun rose. 

Eventually it would get so bright and hot I could no longer stand it. I would rush inside, barely used to the light change. Do you know that feeling? After you have been out in the bright sunlight and then you move into a dim room. You feel kinda funny and everything looks weird. Maybe that's just me. 

Anyways this is how my summer days went. Of course I would go swimming, to camp, stay at a friends house, regular summer stuff. But some of my favorite memories were reading for an entire day. Late into the night. Not being able to put my book down and then being a little upset when it finished.

Well this summer has been a record breaker for reading. Except I don't get my childhood laziness with it. In this past week I have read 5 books. It seems currently I cannot get enough of books. My whole body and mind dives into characters and places that are not my own. Of course I always seem to put myself into each book. Each one relates to me in it's own way. Maybe a similar situation. Maybe they are fulfilling a dream I have. 

This is why I was an English major. I just love reading and thinking about books. Forget writing big papers about them. I just want to talk about them and analyze how each reader views a book differently. 

So if you need a recommendation just ask. I can just dig through my trunk which is acting as my library currently. 

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